2020 Website Design Trends: White Space, Dark Mode, and Colors

Published: Tuesday, June 30, 2020 | Tags: nonprofit web design, Website Design

In our latest blog post series, we’re talking about the Top Website Design Trends of 2020. We know that nonprofits, associations, and real estate associations work hard to continuously keep and attract new members. Your website should be a resource that helps your organization grow. One way to improve member engagement is with a great online experience. We hope that these website design trends inspire you and offer some new ideas of elements that can be used on your nonprofit’s site. 

White Space 

Whitespace (or negative space) is a term referring to the blank areas in between the design elements. It gives any page or screen a spacious, well-balanced feel. It includes the spacing between lines or columns of text, the space around each of the visuals, or the margins around the page. White space surrounding a simple image enables it to breathe, not appearing to be crowding the image and puts on emphasis on the image and text. 



Dark Mode 

Dark mode is using an entirely black background and then overlaying dark images with some potential spot color. What makes these dark mode designs so nice – and probably why they are trending – is that dark interfaces are complemented with bright accent elements and easy-to-read typography to ensure that the design is readable. Dark mode web designs not only look ultra-modern, but they’re easy on the eyes and make colors and design elements pop.


Vintage-Inspired Colors

One of the most common bits of design inspiration that’s being used in websites today is using vintage colors as a way to convey this feeling of nostalgia. Vintage colors that are earthy but bright. 

Gradients 2.0

Gradients are a versatile tool. They can be used in various contexts such as a background for content, as color filters over the images or illustrations, or as an accent for functional elements such as the call-to-action buttons. Gradients add some depth in flat layouts and make them more visually interesting. Both product teams and stakeholders love gradients because branding colors could be used to create them.

Trendy Color Schemes

An example of a trendy color combination is the primary blue and pale pink/dusty blush scheme, made popular by Pinterest and Instagram. Datalands’ site features this trendy color scheme in their site designs. Other examples of trendy color schemes include jewel tones (greens, purples), earthy tones (tans, browns, greens, wood textures), and iridescent/pearl color schemes (pastels that meld together like a liquid, giving an almost metallic look). 


Keep a lookout for our post next week, 2020 Website Design Trends: Geometric Shapes/Patterns, Grids and Frames and Typography. If you’re looking to redesign your website, reach out to us and someone from our team will be in contact to learn more about your organization and your needs. 

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