Barshop Jewish Community Center of San Antonio Launches New Membership Management Software

Published: Sunday, May 31, 2020 | Tags: Case Study, JCC, Jewish Community Center

Barshop Jewish Community Center of San Antonio is celebrating the launch of its new software system to manage members, operations and sales. We wanted to highlight the top features on this site and congratulate this Jewish Community Center on using a total software solution for their organization.

Total Software Solution

Barshop Jewish Community Center of San Antonio eliminated the use of third-party software, exporting and importing various data and using multiple logins by simplifying to one total software solution. Using one software system encourages staff and member usage and efficiency. Built on Amazon Web Services and using top-tier technology, Barshop Jewish Community Center is hosted through the cloud and uses the latest security features including facial recognition and blockchain. 

Mobile App and Integrated Website

Notifying members about facility hours changing, pool closures, special events and updates to fitness classes can all be done through push notifications on the mobile app feature. Members can also plan ahead and register for classes and events. 

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Membership & Finance Management

Monthly membership management dues can easily be collected on Barshop Jewish Community Center of San Antonio’s new website. This can help the JCC track member activity, process dues and regulate levels of website access. Member profiles can also be renewed, suspended, or expired members and rates can be modified. Easy-to-build reports can break down large amounts of data including program registration and new members that have joined the JCC.

An events portal allows members to sign up for upcoming events and programs hosted at the JCC. This can be accessed via the mobile app or through the website. 

Check-In Program

Members can check-in to the facility using physical bar codes, digital QR codes from their website or module app profile, and even with facial recognition. Accrisoft’s check-in module even ties to the programs/event attendee lists, benefits usage, and vouchers for an all-in-one check in experience.

Resources, Reservations, Schedules

Giving members access and the ability to plan ahead are valuable benefits. With the Resources feature, members can reserve sessions with specific personal trainers and review their schedules.

Vouchers and Series Sales

This feature allows members to purchase multiple training packages (for example: personal training, tennis or swim lessons). With this series sales feature, members can make transactions even when the facility is closed.

Gift Shop Management and POS

Barshop Jewish Community Center of San Antonio is avoiding POS transaction fees through the Sales Software of Accrisoft Freedom. This software helps keep profit in your pocket without paying a third party.


Best of all, Barshop Jewish Community Center of San Antonio manages it all with Accrisoft Freedom, our all-in-one website and membership management software. They can manage their website content, marketing tactics, events, news, members/investors, dues and more, all in one place. This eliminates workarounds and removes the juggling of multiple accounts and software systems to accomplish a single task.

Get in touch to learn more about how Accrisoft Freedom can help your organization. To see more beautiful websites like Barshop Jewish Community Center of San Antonio, head over to our portfolio.


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