The Business Development Board of Palm Beach County Launches New App

Published: Monday, May 18, 2020 | Tags: app, Case Study, chamber of commerce, economic development, nonprofit

The Business Development Board of Palm Beach County is celebrating the launch of its new app as an investment to better serve members. We wanted to highlight the features of the app as an example if your nonprofit, economic development organization or Chamber of Commerce is considering building one of its own.

Login Profile

The sign in screen is decorated with a beautiful coastal background. Users can either login to access their account or close the sign in screen to peruse the app. When a member logs into their account, they can manage their preferences, update profile information and enable push notifications.

Home Page / Sidebar Menu

The home page displays responsive, colored tiles with six main categories: Upcoming Events, Announcements, Local News, Refer a Member, Visit and Settings. The three small lines on the top left corner clicks to a flyout sidebar menu that displays the member's name and photo (if they are logged in) along with menu options and social media icons.   


Upcoming Events   

This custom page lists out each calendar event with a title, description and category. Event categories specific to the BDB Palm Beach County include special events, upper level breakfast, coffee talks, annual dinner and quarterly luncheons.


Project Announcements

This section features press releases of grand openings, company expansions and workforce resources. The announcements home page displays the publish date along with a headline. Also, each announcement post can include imagery or text only.

Local News

The Local News section layout is similar to the Project Announcements. These posts can include full length articles or external links to PDFs and other resources. 



If you’re interested in building an app for your organization, please reach out to us over here at Accrisoft. Click the button below and someone from our team will be in contact with you.

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