COVID-19: Leveraging Social Media For Your Nonprofit, Part 2

Published: Tuesday, April 21, 2020 | Tags: Associations, chamber of commerce, Jewish Community Center, nonprofit, social media

In our previous post, “COVID-19: Leveraging Social Media For Your Nonprofit, Part 1”, we discussed how to set your nonprofit up for success using social media during the pandemic. In this part 2 article, we want to showcase examples of nonprofits that are being creative with social media to engage their audience.

Here 3 examples of different nonprofits sharing high-value content to their members.

Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce

Greater OKC is sharing a variety of content on Facebook from resources to help the community, light-hearted video interviews with Chamber members, virtual webinar signups to local and national news. This Chamber is continuing to engage with members and share useful information about their community.

Barshop Jewish Community Center of San Antonio

Barshop JCC of San Antonio is leveraging live streaming on Facebook to host workouts, nutritional classes and storytime for kids. These engaging live streams are so valuable to members and are also a great opportunity for potential members to get introduced to the staff and culture at the JCC.

Charlotte Regional Business Alliance

CRBA has embedded their Twitter feed onto their website, allowing visitors to catch up on their latest Tweets. This is a great way for members to quickly scroll their Twitter feed without having to leave the CRBA website. 


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