COVID-19: Leveraging Social Media For Your Nonprofit, Part 1

Published: Monday, April 20, 2020 | Tags: nonprofit, social media, Associations, chambers of commerce

The next marketing topic we’re covering in the “COVID-19: 6 Things to Know and Do” series is social media. While your content will shift to cover topics as it applies to business and membership in the health crisis, your strategy should remain constant. If your nonprofit hasn’t yet defined any goals for utilizing social media, now is a great opportunity to map them out. 

Below we’re going to discuss some ways to help your nonprofit leverage social media to communicate and engage with your members.

Define a Goal

To be able to measure how successful something is, you first need to define your goal. For example, if your nonprofit’s goal during the health crisis is to keep your members and the community apprised of information and resources relevant to COVID-19 and their business, you will need to create a strategy (see the following steps in this post) on how you plan to accomplish this. 

Pick Relevant Channels

The first question to answer is “where can I capture my audience’s attention?” Are your members following your nonprofit on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and/or Instagram? Also, think about the content you plan to share. Are you wanting to use live streaming or just share text and news links? 

Get Organized

The easiest way to stay consistent in sharing content on social media is to follow an editorial calendar. It’s OK if you don’t know exactly what you want to share as news is developing some days by the hour during the health crisis, but at least plan out days and times you want to share content. If your nonprofit deploys an email campaign on Tuesday mornings and it includes 6 external links to news articles, resources and employment opportunities, schedule out a post per day on social media using the links from your email campaign or double up and publish an article in the morning and early afternoon. If your content is relevant and engaging, your audience won’t feel like you’re oversharing. This leads us into our next topic.

Create Compelling Content

Now more than ever, we all need information that is relevant to our “new” everyday lives. Part of that new normal is operating your organization from your home, hosting events and meetings virtually and being incredibly creative with how we stay connected yet socially distanced. With all that being said, you want to share high-value content that is relevant to your audience’s needs and interests. 

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The next article in this series, “COVID-19: Leveraging Social Media For Your Nonprofit, Part 2”, showcases examples of nonprofits utilizing social media to keep members connected and informed.

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