COVID-19: Why Your Nonprofit Needs to Utilize Email Marketing

Published: Monday, April 13, 2020 | Tags: nonprofit, Associations, chamber of commerce

It’s paramount to communicate regularly to your members through email marketing during the health crisis to keep them informed and engaged. The most important thing to keep in mind before writing or sending an email campaign right now is to ensure you are producing high-value content to your members. Because let’s face it, all of our inboxes are being bombarded right now with message after message regarding COVID-19. You want your members to keep your nonprofit top of mind while there cannot be in-person gatherings, and you want your content to be of value. How do you do that exactly?

First off, you want to draft a COVID-19 response email that is coming from your nonprofit’s Executive Director, including the cancellations of all events to ensure public and employee safety as well as addressing how events and programs will be handled during this time. 

Following this initial COVID-19 response email will be content that is tailored to your nonprofit. Below we have included examples of organizations that are keeping their members informed and engaged during this time.

Central City Association of Los Angeles

CCA sent out an email sharing links for their upcoming virtual events and committee meetings. The association also highlights updates on their priorities in action along with a link that takes members to a landing page with valuable resources to help small businesses, employees and ways for members to help the community and get involved during COVID-19.

Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives

ACCE is continuing to be a resource to its members by providing roundtable calls, virtual Chamber events and ways to help Chambers navigate membership during COVID-19. 

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