COVID-19: How to Use Landing Pages to Keep Your Members Updated

Published: Monday, April 6, 2020 | Tags: Associations, chamber of commerce, landing pages, nonprofits, website

Many nonprofits have quickly created a COVID-19 landing page on their website. This page can be regularly updated during the health crisis to provide members with information about local and state government recommendations, business, workplace, health and advocacy resources, employment opportunities and community outreach.

Your members need you now more than ever to help their business navigate how to prepare, plan, respond, stay connected and give back during this health crisis. Below are examples of two organizations that have exceptional member resources on their COVID-19 landing page.

Corporate Housing Providers Association

CHPA’s COVID-19 landing page is a great example of how this organization is a reliable and trusted source to its members. This association has two live documents that are regularly updated with information as it develops. One document includes updates and information issued by state and key local health departments, including any state of emergency declarations, executive orders and other sources of official information in all 50 states. The other document is a record of all moratoriums that have been issued in the United States.

Charlotte Regional Business Alliance

CRBA is providing its members with a Daily Digest of key takeaways happening during the pandemic. These daily updates provide members with a bite-sized amount of information covering a broad spectrum of topics. Their COVID-19 landing page also shares links to help members search public health information, business resources, employment opportunities and much more. 


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