COVID-19: Update Members through Blogging and News Articles

Published: Tuesday, March 31, 2020 | Tags: Association of Realtors, Associations, chamber of commerce, nonprofit, website

Right now, every nonprofit, Chamber of Commerce and organization has had to shut their doors, cancel events and adapt to a new normal. Many nonprofits are using the news module or blog feature on their website to post information about resources, employment opportunities and local government news. 

In the third part of our “COVID 19: 6 Things to Know and Do” series, we are showcasing examples of 4 nonprofits using a news module and/or blog to keep their site visitors and members up-to-date as information develops.

Charlotte Regional Business Alliance

CRBA’s news section has a feature that showcases trending articles that have been viewed the most by site visitors. Using this feature in your news section provides your audience with news they can use without having to search for it.

Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce 

COVID-19 is affecting businesses small and large. Rogers-Lowell Chamber is doing a great job featuring news articles full of resources to help business owners navigate emergency funding and loans.

CEA has shifted the content on their blog to cover topics related to COVID-19 and the workplace. This association is using tags as a simple way for site visitors to find content related to a specific topic.

Pro tip: When writing blog articles during COVID-19, think of content that your members could use while everyone is working at home, practicing social distancing and homeschooling. For example, Jewish Community Centers employ personal trainers and fitness instructors. Your J’s marketing manager could work with your personal trainers to write up basic at-home workout plans and share a weekly workout plan onto your site.

If your nonprofit is a Chamber of Commerce, you could turn to your members to share their expertise in their industry or use the blog as a platform to help the community. For example, if one of your Chamber members is a senior assisted living facility that needs help in keeping up morale to its residents during a time of no visitors and social distancing, you could share an article asking your members and the community to send hand-written notes to the residents to help cheer them up.

Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association

This association added a COVID-19 section to its main navigation to provide resources, services and news to its members. Under the news digest section is a vast list of articles specific to realtors and COVID-19. Orlando Regional is providing answers to questions their members have during this time, making them a very valuable resource. 

Every person and organization is in need of resources during this time. We all are trying to search for and provide the most helpful information to keep ourselves, our families and businesses safe and afloat. Using a news module or blog to regularly share resourceful information to the public and your members is worth the investment of time to update regularly. 

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