The Best Economic Development Websites of 2020

Published: Tuesday, December 31, 2019 | Tags: economic development, website, Website Design

A new year ahead brings another opportunity for us to showcase Economic Development websites that knock it out of the park in terms of design, functionality, user-experience and navigation. Take a look at the top  sites we believe set the standard for being the best.

Minneapolis Saint Paul Regional Economic Development Partnership

The Greater MSP offers quite an interactive homepage with extra-large hero images of Minneapolis and St. Paul, along with a statistics dashboard, providing a high-level economic analysis of the area. The site also features multiple tiers of site navigation including a top menu with quick-links, a site search and a dynamic language translator, plus a main navigation that's simplified and distilled down to only 5 items. A "Work of the Partnership" section, promotes the largest programs that Greater MSP has launched and managed, with links to additional details.

Charlotte Regional Business Alliance

Charlotte Regional Business Alliance does a great job keeping their site clean and simple, while at the same time providing high-quality, consistent content. The secret sauce to keeping content-heavy sites clean and easy to peruse is to add features throughout the site to keep everything organized and engaging just like CRBA has done. By using a mega menu, users can easily navigate the site. As visitors scroll down the page, the menu will stick to continue to help guide the reader. CRBA also adds a lot of subtle motion to give the site an up-to-date look while not overwhelming the user with too much going on. Overall, this website shows a great balance between keeping a site clean, while at the same time providing enough information to keep users engaged.keep users engaged. 

Lee County Economic Development 

The Lee County Economic Development website uses bright colors, rotating images and interactive statistics to instantly catch your attention. A key feature on the Lee County site are the multiple maps that display various road infrastructures, driving distances and key industries throughout the state. 

Business Development Board of Palm Beach County

Feel like you’re floating over the beaches surrounding the Palm Beach area from the beautiful homepage videos. This site’s interactive landing pages provide in-depth detail to key economic information for visitors to learn about.

Marion Economic Development Corporation

Marion Economic Development Corporation really focuses on the subtle motion to keep users engaged throughout the site. As you go through the site you will see areas like their homepage hero image that has an interactive map to attract a user to want to learn more. As you scroll throughout the site you will notice little motions on images or text that give the design of the site a fun look, but at the same time not being overwhelming. 

Seattle Office of Economic Development 

You will see a unique search display on the Seattle Office of Economic Development’s site – instead of a navigation bar at the top of the page, each category can be found below the main hero image. With enticing graphics, various call-to-action buttons and an interactive property search feature, this organization offers a multitude of resources for visitors.  

Choose Central Delaware 

Choose Central Delaware has identified its top 4 highest value content areas as workforce, population, economic overview and education with colorful call-to-action buttons that take to take visitors to separate landing pages to learn more. Below these CTA buttons is a by-the-numbers overview breaking down important statistics related to each high-value content area.

JAX USA Partnership 

When visiting the JAX USA Partnership site, your eyes are instantly drawn to the multi-colored counties tab, breaking down vital information for visitors including total population, labor force and median home value. The embedded videos on the site are another interactive resource for visitors to learn more.

Choose Milwaukee 

Choose Milwaukee’s website exhibits unique map and design features. A main focal point for this Economic Development Partnership is its leading industries. Each trade is displayed in a hyperlinked grid format, which then takes visitors to a separate landing pages to learn more. Another key aspect of this site is the success stories feature – news articles of relevant topics are aggregated as a resource for viewers. 

Choctaw Nation Business & Economic Development

The Choctaw Nation websites consists of 6 panels of information, each with different designs, features and tools. Under the county profiles tab, visitors can learn in-depth demographics about each county including population, owners vs. renters, transportation, taxes and labor force statistics. Also, this Economic Development organization does a great job at featuring partner testimonies at the bottom of the homepage.

Greater Oklahoma City Economic Development

This site includes beautiful hero images along with great uses of white space. Key industries are also a notable focal point on the Greater Oklahoma City’s site. The storytelling feature is extremely beneficial to this organization, allowing them to publish press releases and news articles as often as needed.

Bonus Feature – A Better Life Oklahoma City 

We decided to feature a Better Life Oklahoma City as a bonus Economic Development site. One of the most unique features on this page is the employment navigation. The job board integration with Indeed showcases a sample of employment opportunities in the Oklahoma City area. Other highlights from this site includes high-quality imagery, white space and a unique menu with video features when you hover over Things to Do.

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