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We're more than half way through the year, and already we've seen many redesigned websites hit the center stage around the web. As you all know, each year we like to scour the far reaches of the internet and find the best association websites to promote out to the world in our nationally recognized blog. Read on to find out who we chose this year...


Central City Association of Los Angeles

This website really brings out "all the feels" with it's deep blues and purples... These colors truly serve a purpose. Along with a simplified menu navigation, they also have a single hero image of an up-angle shot in downtown LA - making you feel like your standing right there in the middle of it all. They've also found a fun way to promote their events with a call-out section beneath the hero image, and left room for plenty of white space to leave visitors not feeling overwhelmed. Rounding out the homepage, this site has a unique testimonial slider with a purple geometric background... Groovy.

Raleigh Regional REALTOR® Association

The Raleigh Regional REALTOR® Association website design is simply elegant. It uses a shorter homepage design to only promote the highest value of content. RRAR re-branded their organization in conjunction with this site redesign and brought their organization forward in to the new age. They use great homepage slider images to catch visitors attention and the muted hues of green and blue relax the eye.  The interior pages also boast animations and a really neat custom graphic of the Raleigh skyline in the header.

A Better Life OKC

The Better Life OKC website showcases the Oklahoma City region with beautiful images... And I'm not talking about stock photos! They took time and energy to gather hundreds of custom shot images from around their community. This attraction/retention website displays the best of the best in OKC, including what it's like to live in the area, information on housing and employment, and even a "Things To Do" module to find out what's going on. This website has a longer homepage, but it is made manageable using excess whitespace, and unique image and content layouts. I'd say that this site is a pretty good model for 2019 standards of web design.

MIBOR REALTOR® Association

Simplicity is what makes this website so great. When you first land on the homepage, you're met with vibrant images and a translucent white menu. Scroll down the page further and you'll find a short layout including news articles, upcoming events, and statistics. Navigate inward in to the site to find loads of content, buried within endless whitespace and pops of colorful call-to-action buttons. The design is just subtle enough to keep you interested, yet not so basic that it's boring... We think that MIBOR found that perfect "sweet spot."

The Internet Association

Talk about BOLD. The Internet Association Website makes sure you know what they do by putting their mission statement right in your face, as soon as you land on the page. The colors of this site are vibrant and playful, and the structure keeps you interested. They've got big background circles, pop-out hover effects, colorful directories, and more. Scroll all the way towards the bottom and you'll even find a video embedded in a streamlined call-out area... And if you make your way all the way down to the bottom, I'm sure you won't miss the GIANT hashtag #InternetOfGood. Sounds like they mean business!

Upper Midwest Telehealth Resource Center

The UMTRC has a unique web style. It takes that typical boring hero image, cuts it in half and throws it to the side... Literally! When you first land on this site, you're met with a split page, including their logo, a few key resources embedded within image boxes, and a split screen hero image. They've also discarded the typical menu navigation, in favor of a pop-out menu. As you scroll down the page you'll find a lot of information, tied together in only a couple addition panels.. This site is like the Marie Kondo of websites - it seems like all the space is being used efficiently, and every icon, upcoming event, or resource link has found its place.

American Mushroom Institute

Are you a mushroom eater? Well did you know that a small region in the state of PA produces over half of all mushrooms in the US? Neither did I... Until this site came around. The American Mushroom Institute takes what many people would refer to as "dull" content, and livens it up with a fun website. Their site boasts large hero images (of mushrooms), alongside plenty of whitespace and (you guessed it) big life-like images of mushrooms. They update their members on news that's happening around the industry, upcoming events, and a huge resource library for growers and consumers.

Choctaw Nation Business & Economic Development Association

This Choctaw Nation is really proud of their area in the state of Oklahoma - and you can see it in their website. They've got a custom map that pops out as you as you scroll down the page, branded statistics that count right before you eyes, and animations that bring content to the page as you navigate around the site. I also think they've done a great job choosing their website colors. Take for example their "Key Industries" section of the homepage - the purple, orange, and green overlays really make this part of the page pop. The site also has some clickable image maps, and various directories that organize some pretty complex data in to easy to read and follow formats. A+ for making you visitors happy.

The Teacher's Guild

When people think about white-space, I wonder what comes to mind... Is it a white wall in your living room? Well for me, it's the Teacher's Guild website homepage. I mean, are you kidding me? I LOVE how they call out the "Teachers are the innovators education has been waiting for" one-liner for all to see. This is a really unique design of the upper fold of a homepage and I mus say, it's great... And I'm not just saying that because my wife is a teacher! And don't worry, the site isn't all blank white-space. Scroll down the page and you'll see plenty of great images, bold text and content.

Greater Oklahoma City Partnership

The Greater Oklahoma City Partnership website is a stunning, long-page (ultra sleek) design. It's homepage consists of 7 very distinct panels of information - each with a different purpose, focus, and design. The site offers tons of eye-relaxing white space, pops of color, high quality images, and more. As an added bonus, they even incorporate a Storytelling micro-site called "A Rivers Rise" which is a great promotional feature for any Economic Development site.

Well, for those that have made it this far down the page, I commend you on your perseverance! And if you'd interested in learning more about what Accrisoft can do to help your organization with its website, please don't be shy... We'd love to hear from you!

And as always, we hope you've enjoyed this round-up of amazing Association websites.


Joe Hager
Accrisoft Senior Vice President 

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