The Best Jewish Community Center (JCC) Websites of 2019

Published: Monday, January 28, 2019 | Tags: JCC

It's that time of year again! Every January at Accrisoft, we sit down as a team and scour the web to find which Jewish Community Center websites have truly raised the bar on design, user-friendliness, and functionality.  Interested to see which sites made our list this year? Read on...

New Orleans Jewish Community Center 

The New Orleans J boasts a beautiful site, complete with high quality imagery, on-page animations, and a fixed position navigation. They also host a large amount of useful content directly on the homepage, making it easy for users to find exactly what they need.

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Osher Marin Jewish Community Center

The Osher Marin JCC website escapes the norm and engages visitors with site features such as unique hero images with zooming effects, an animated sticky social menu on the left sidebar, and a simple yet effective "Program Search," to easily point members (and potential members) towards their preferred content.

Barshop Jewish Community Center of San Antonio

The San Antonio J maintains a creative and fun site using playful graphics, alongside colorful boxes and icons. Additionally, with 2 full navigational menus that stick with you as you scroll down the page, you can always find just what you're looking for!

Mandel JCC always takes advantage of every inch of real estate on their website. Whether it's promoting a free pass on their hero image or pushing registration for programs in the photo boxes below, their site truly is a member-generating machine.

Siegel Jewish Community Center

This Delaware JCC website drives a sense of community using real images from members and promoting upcoming events on the homepage. Their menu also breaks down a huge amount of content in to an easily digested navigation.

The Charlotte J's homepage uses geometric elements, bright colors, and animations bring the site to life, and if you click in to any interior page, you'll find the same. With sidebar navigation, playful call-out text, and banner images promoting members and upcoming events, every page offers something useful and exciting.

Baltimore JCC does a great job keeping it's members informed by always posting the building hours and an upcoming event in the top header. They also do an exceptional job with maintaining a photo-centric design by adding high quality images throughout the homepage in the form of headers, buttons, and backgrounds.

Kansas City JCC devotes a lot of effort to creating custom graphics and it really helps their site shine. Along with a short and focused homepage, the site visitors can readily navigate to find exactly the content their looking for.

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