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Published: Tuesday, July 31, 2018 | Tags: Associations, content management

This post is the second in our series, The Complete Guide to Writing Content for your Association's Website. Check our our first post on how to get started in the content creation process or download our free ebook and get the entire series in one place.



The About Us section will give the reader some background on what your mission and objectives are, and how you are here to help. This is where you familiarize the reader with what your organization does is the first place. Use the About Us page to tell a story about your association and, more importantly, how it relates to the reader.

The ‘About Us’ page of your association’s website will most likely include the following information:

  • Goals and Objectives
  • Programs or Services
  • Our Work
  • Contact Information
  • Partners and Partnership
  • Code of Ethics
  • Board of Directors
  • Staff Page

Some of these are simple and self explanatory. But many sites do not put much effort into this section of their website – merely copy and pasting a mission statement and some contact info – this can be an opportunity to tell your story and show some personality.

Let’s take a look at how to get started with a few of these sections.

Goals and Objectives

Where are you going? Provide the overall vision of your association and the members you serve. In other words, what impact does your association wish to have in your respective industry? What will need to happen for this to come true?

Take a look at an example from the American Lung Association’s (ALA) website. Here they list the Mission, Goals, Impact, and History neatly in one place with brief descriptions for each. And if you want to learn more, they link to a more detailed page.

Programs or Services

This is where is you demonstrate the value you provide to current and prospective members. Programs and services can often include membership packages, events, products, classes, certifications or anything else your association provides.

The California Employers Association (CEA) does a great job of breaking down each of the services they provide for easy navigation to what the visitor needs.

Depending on your association, this may be merged with your membership section. Which we will cover later on.

Our Work/History

Within the “About Us” menu, you can address the impact and success stories your association has experienced. Making the visitor aware of the work your association does for your members is a great way to address the priorities on a visitors mind when visiting your association’s website.

That is, how are you benefiting your members and are there any stories of your impact in the real world?

Association of Talent Agents (ATA) adds a unique photo gallery to their About ATA section. Here they literally show you what they do at their annual meetings. A survey showed 91% of respondents felt that photos grab your attention and tell a story, according to Firespring Foundation.

You don’t need to only show your own stories, though. National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) encourages people to share their personal stories about how the national parks have affected them in some way. This does a great job of adding personality to the site and focusing the experience on the visitor.



This section is a good way to promote the perks of a membership with your association. Partnerships are also a great way to boost the inherent value of a membership. If you can demonstrate other organizations your association is connected to, people will want to sign up for additional access or benefits.

CEA again does a good job of keeping things clean and organized. From a glance you can get a good idea of the variety of benefits they offer and you can click to learn more specific details about each.

So list your partnerships and the benefits they provide to members and also include a section where potential partners can get involved.

Board of Directors

If you have a Board of Directors to include, list their names, board position, affiliation, and any relevant links.



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