5 Reasons Why Accrisoft Freedom Should be your Next Association Management Software

Published: Wednesday, July 25, 2018 | Tags: Associations, chamber of commerce, economic development, JCC, nonprofit, real estate

After interviewing many different associations, chambers of commerce, and nonprofits, we found that they were deeply under-served in their software requirements. Specifically, the association management software they were being forced to use was clunky and not viable to meet their requirements. They often switched to using customer relationship management (CRM) software that was created for Fortune 500 companies. However, the associations that switched to the CRM found themselves to be equally dissatisfied because they were putting a square peg in a round hole. To compensate for this, they ended up doing massive customization to the CRM software and/or creating integrations with other software applications. This only compounded the problem because they ended up with either costly consulting fees that only the consulting company understood (key man) or a spaghetti bowl of different software applications creating integration and upgrade problems.

Now that we’ve identified why AMS causes such a headache and the 5 tips for choosing a solution, let’s talk about what differentiates Accrisoft Freedom.

1. A unified software solution that empowers five departments/applications to work harmonious together

Accrisoft Freedom offers the 5 applications below resulting in a unified enterprise solution for your organization and prevents having to cobble together different 3rd party software.

Having all of the above 5 applications contained within the same software unites your organization because everyone is working within one software application looking at the exact same information.  

2. User Interface/Experience

Easy-to-use software that everyone, from the president to short term interns, can easily master quickly due to the intuitive and familiar interface and fully integrated spreadsheets that provide an Excel-like experience empowering everyone to create their own reports, dashboards and 360 Searches.

3. Developed with the latest, secure and reliable technology platform

We understand that the internet is the fastest moving industry ever known to mankind and association management software must remain relevant and constantly innovated upon.


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4. Software for the next generation

The success of your organization is dependent upon your ability to engage and nurture relationships with the Millennial and Z-Generations. Both of these generations are prominent in the workforce and have so much to offer to your organization as members, board officers and staff. These generations expect to be connected to your organization anytime (24/7), anywhere in the world, using any type of device.

Accrisoft Freedom provides total online accessibility through both its fully integrated website and mobile app. It is built to provide an incredible web experience to both your members and staff.

5. Unites your data under a single software application  

Accrisoft Freedom brings together all of your data from different software applications and organizes it under one unified roof. Freedom eliminates the countless input of duplicate data. The Accrisoft Data Purifier empowers your organization to finally get all your data organized and easily accessible to authorized users.


Thank you for allowing me to share our journey into the creation of the Accrisoft Freedom Association Management Software. I hope that sharing our adventure and findings adds value to your search for the ultimate association management software for your organization. The most important suggestion I might have is to take Stephen Convey’s advice: Begin with the end in mind. Please feel free to reach out and share your thoughts, or ask any questions you might have at jkline@accrisoft.com.

To learn more about Accrisoft Freedom, please visit our website. To view some of our Freedom powered sites, check out our portfolio.  

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