Getting Started: The Complete Guide to Writing Content for Your Association's Website

Published: Thursday, July 20, 2017 | Tags: Associations, content management

Have you been thinking of creating the content for your association’s website?

Nowadays building a website is pitched as something everyone can do. Until you actually sit down and try to make one. There are companies that do a lot of the heavy lifting for you, and can quickly set you up with a good-looking website. But a fancy website with no content does nothing to accomplish your goals or the goals of your visitors. Putting words on those blank pages is where the ball can stop rolling. How do you express to your customers who you are and what you do?

You can hire a company to create the content of your website for you, but high prices usually accompany these services. Besides, who knows your association better than you?

You can create the content yourself if you have the time to put into it. There is something to be said for the convenience of exchanging money for words. But you already have the words. YOU work for your association.

Hopefully you’re inspired you to create your own content for your association’s site, now you need to know where to start.

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With some guidance on how to create and organize your content, you can easily fill your website with the information your potential members need to go from prospective visitor to a full member and better serve your existing members.

We have compiled the most common categories included on a typical association website. Take the categories listed below to create your wireframe outline and use the prompts from each to start writing beautiful content for your association’s website.

Download our free sample sitemap to help you outline your wireframe.

Create a plan of attack

Before you sit down and start writing, you want to map a basic outline of how your website’s information should be structured. As author and content marketing expert, Ann Hadley, once wrote, “the more the think, the easier the ink.”

In general, the four main categories almost every association should have are:

  1. About Us
  2. Members/Join
  3. Events
  4. Resources

Every association is different of course, and there is a lot of room to play around with. These categories serve more as a general guide to follow if you are just starting out. Many associations will have completely different categories unique to only them. It is important to remember the main goals of your association and your website. What does the visitor want to see? What are their goals? What do you want them to know? Once you figure that out, write it at the top of every page as to remind you as you are creating your content.

To help prioritize your categories, let's first look at a couple of statistics from Firespring Foundation on what nonprofit website visitors want to see.

82% of respondents felt that Programs & Services content was either very important or extremely important.

70% said current Goals & Objectives content was either very important or extremely important.

69% said content concerning how donations are used was either very important or extremely important.

56% felt that stories about the organization’s work were either very important or extremely important.


If 82% and 70% want to see programs & services and goals & objectives, respectively, we will start with your About Us page. This is where your visitors will learn the most about what your association does.

Up Next: What your Association's "About Us" Section Should Say

In our next post, we will cover everything your association's About Us section should have.

To skip ahead and get everything you need to know on how to write content for your association's site, all in one place, download our free ebook, The Complete Guide to Writing Content for Your Association Website now.



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