How to Write an RFP for your Website Redesign

Published: Wednesday, December 28, 2016 | Tags: nonprofit, web design

If you have already received approval from your board of directors, set a budget, and acquired grant funding for a new website, it is now time to send out a request for proposal, or RFP.

A website RFP is sent out by your organization to dozens of web design agencies in order to determine the best agency suited to meet your website needs. It also gives the website company a chance to understand your project better.


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So how do you write a request for proposal?


To give you a better idea of how to structure your RFP, we have broken it down into four main parts. To ensure that you receive complete proposals tailored specifically for your website project, make sure to include the following sections within your RFP:


  1. General Information about your organization and the project
  2. Website design examples desired by your organization
  3. Website functionality requirements
  4. Request for vendor information


Including these four sections will allow website companies to determine before hand if their services match the needs of your nonprofit’s website and therefore provide proposals best fitted for your requirements.


To guide you through each section of writing an RFP, we have created a free ebook. It will provide you with parameters to follow that will make your request for proposals process simple and easy, and will help you narrow down your list of web design agencies.

Ebook: An RFP Guide for Nonprofit Organizations and Associations

In the fifth ebook of our Website Redesign Guide for Nonprofits, we cover how to write and organize your RFP so that you receive the best possible proposals from your targeted web design companies. To get you one step closer to finally getting that perfect new website for your nonprofit or association, we will teach you:

  • What to include in each section of your RFP
  • Tips for setting timeline and getting your prospects to follow it
  • Formatting your RFP to receive the best proposals
  • Different website functions we strongly suggest including in your RFP


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