By Jared Serfozo


Episode #1 - Sales and Marketing with the Silver Interface

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

With the success of last week's live Webinar, we're continuing the conversation with focused subjects. For this first "Episode", Mark and Jared explain "why are there so many interface colors?" They also give a general overview of the Silver Interface and how it's supposed to be used for Sales and Marketing. 

The Silver Interface includes:
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Call to Action
  • Landing Pages
  • Social
  • Web Tools
  • Affiliates
  • Surveys
  • Reputation
  • Shortcuts
Lead Nurturing accomplishes two main goals:
  1. It identifies people who are visiting your site.
  2. Allows you to automatically send a chain of email campaigns to your website visitors (email drip).
There are four ways someone can be entered into Lead Nurturing:
  1. Email Marketing (they have to click on a link from a sent email).
  2. Form Submission (set up a form action, to put person in response chain).
  3. WVI Entry (recognizes the cookie on the person's machine, from being in the Lead Nurturing module, on a different Freedom website).
  4. Manually adding the lead by pressing the Add a New Lead button.
During the discussion, Mark and Jared talk about the many different ways you can set up marketing campaigns, so each module can be used efficiently.

If you have any questions about this show, or have a suggestion for the next show's topic, please email them to


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