By Jared Serfozo


10.2 Webinar Playback

Wednesday, May 13, 2015
On May 12th, we invited our Solution Providers to join us live in order to discuss the recent release of Freedom version 10.2, and upcoming developments.

The webinar was about an hour long and live streamed via Youtube, but is available to watch again here.

2:00    Membership Management
3:30    Turning all listers into Reports
7:00    Inline Editing
9:30    Accricloud Hosting
11:45  DDoS prevention with CloudFlare
16:30  Email Marketing with Mandrill
20:15 CIM
24:00  Google 2-step Authentication
-- Future Development --
26:00  The People Module
26:50  The Companies Module
28:00  The Committees and Campaigns Module
30:20  The Dues Module
32:30  Event Registration changes
35:40  Questions & Answers

After receiving feedback about the format of this webinar, we have decided to create shorter recorded videos like this in the future.  If you have a question you'd like us to answer on the next video, please send it to


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