By Amy Chick


What Flavor is Your Website? (Or, Running Your Business Like an Ice Cream Shop)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Imagine going to an ice cream shop and ordering your favorite flavor (double fudge brownie anyone?). The person behind the counter takes your order and starts making your ice cream from scratch. You wait patiently, pay for your cup, and find a seat.

Then, the person behind you orders the same flavor. The attendant smiles — but really it’s more like a grimace — and starts creating the single serving from scratch all over again.

This particular shop wouldn’t be in business for very long, despite their deliciously handcrafted single serving cups of ice cream. It’s not a sustainable business model, and that’s why ice cream shops have large tubs of each flavor. Most customers probably go for the same popular options, like chocolate, coffee, and mint chocolate chip. Every now and then, there’s a special order — maybe fancy pants prefers a chocolate/coffee combo — but generally, the flavors behind the glass are more than enough to please everyone who walks in the door.

Now that you’re craving ice cream, let’s talk about how this relates to your web development business.

Custom Website Flavors in Freedom

Most of your web development clients probably have very similar needs. This is why it’s possible to create packages on your website and automate some of your work process, rather than starting from scratch each time. But when it comes to actually building these websites, some of the most popular CMS platforms require a significant amount of manual work.

What if your client needs email marketing, landing pages, and an online shopping cart?

If you’re using other CMS platforms, you have to install plugins and make sure they are compatible with one another. You may have to use a third party application to trigger interactions between the plugins. You have to customize each plugin and make sure it doesn’t break the website. You have to manage the plugins and updates separately, tracking down the developer who wrote it, in case you have a support issue. Bonus points if that developer is no longer actively maintaining the plugin.

The most basic client needs  — like forms, databases, and menus — are built into the core functionality of Freedom CMS to simplify the web development process. The functionality of these elements doesn’t change with a theme change or system update, so you end up spending minimal time and resources building the infrastructure of your clients’ websites.

The custom modules in Freedom were developed using a mechanism that allows you to customize modules—virtually from scratch—without doing any programming. You can collect and display any type of data you want, and setting this up is as simple as filling out a form. Just pick what types of fields the module needs, customize how the data is output on the live website, and you’re done. This is what makes Freedom unique to other CMS platforms; no matter how much you customize your website and your modules, the underlying structure remains the same—you don’t need to support and maintain custom PHP, and you don’t need to depend on plugins that were developed by unknown third parties, which can break when you update your site.

There are more than 80 custom modules built into the Freedom platform, and they interact with one another seamlessly. For example, you can set up a form to automatically add submissions into email marketing; trigger an automated message; or prompt an event registration — just by choosing a few options in the module.

If you still have ice cream on the brain, think of the custom modules as the other flavors in the glass case: butter pecan, caramel toffee, and pistachio. The ice cream attendant may not serve these flavors as often as chocolate or coffee, but they are readily available for the ice cream fans with the wacky taste buds — and they can be served without much additional effort.

Freedom’s custom modules make it easier to scale your business. You can spend less time on website customization and maintenance, which makes space for a higher volume of projects — and more money in your bank account. You could say it’s the cherry on top.

Get to know the custom modules in Freedom — download your free license now.


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