By Amy Chick


Are You Sending Your Clients (And Their Money) Away From Your Website?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about building websites to be used as a marketing tool for business. Implementing modules like Email Marketing, Landing Pages, and Lead Nurturing make it easier to generate leads for your web development business. And, when you build websites for your clients, your work becomes more valuable if you build these tools into your projects.

Whether for your own business, or for your clients, the end goal of marketing is to generate sales. After spending so much time guiding your website traffic through your sales funnel, your commerce process needs to be seamless. If the experience is confusing or inconvenient, you will likely cause your would-be clients to exit the page (and good luck winning them back).

It’s common for online businesses to send their customers to a PayPal checkout screen because it’s one of the most common and well-known payment methods. But the checkout process is a crucial part of the buying cycle, so you should take a few extra steps to create a custom experience and reinforce your clients’ decision to hire you.

You can completely customize the look and feel of your checkout forms using the Commerce module in Freedom — and you don’t have to send your clients away from your website to do it. It’s as simple as building a form, linking it to a payment method (Freedom integrates with PayPal, and other popular payment processors), and posting it to a web page. The module also allows you to create recurring orders so you don’t have to waste time manually billing clients for a monthly website maintenance service.

The Commerce module is built with a lot of the same functionality as a plugin or app that you might already be using. You can add shipping options to your orders, and integrate automatically with FedEx and UPS for faster processing. You can create coupon codes for your clients to use as part of a promotional sale or a special occasion, and set expiration dates so you don’t have to worry about manually disabling the code. They may prefer to offer gift cards or certificates — and you can set that up in Freedom as well.

If you want to try the Commerce module and start building checkout forms easily into your website, you can download a Freedom license for free right now.


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