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Grow Your Business With an Email Marketing Strategy

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Imagine a new video game is being released. You’ve been waiting for months to take it home, and you may have even waited in line for a few hours the night before. (It’s OK, we won’t judge you.) You get home, remove the plastic packaging, turn the game on… and spend the next three months in training mode.

That just doesn’t make sense, does it?

Video games are the most fun when you beat levels and collect trophies. By staying in training mode, you don’t really accomplish anything.

The same is true for your website.

Without a marketing strategy, your website doesn’t have the ability to generate the maximum number of leads for your business. On its own, a website just takes up virtual space — so unless you want your business to stay in training mode, make sure you’re using your website to build relationships and generate leads.

Email marketing strategy should always be a part of your overall plan. Your prospects probably don’t visit your website on a regular basis — at least not without encouragement — so by staying in touch through email, you can make sure you’re on their mind.

Make sure to follow best practices when you outline your email marketing strategy. You want to build a positive relationship and help your prospects feel attached to your brand, so always operate with this in mind.

Our clients love the Email Marketing module in Freedom CMS. It’s incredibly easy to manage subscribers, design templates, and build campaigns. You can run A/B split tests and access analytics for each campaign to determine what your subscribers respond to. Combined with the Forms module, you can include email opt-in forms on your website and manage multiple email lists. And the Lead Nurturing module takes email marketing a step further by automatically identifying your highest quality leads (more on that later).

We use Mandrill to deliver messages, which is the same email infrastructure used by MailChimp. It provides excellent deliverability of your emails, and it couldn’t be easier to set up.

If you want to reach your business potential, it’s time to get out of training mode and treat your website like a tool. For help getting started with our email marketing module, visit our forum posts.



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