By Amy Chick


Wordpress Plugins Are Bad For Productivity (Yes, Really)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Websites are more valuable if they are used as a tool for running and marketing your business. As a web developer, you probably spend a lot of time helping your clients understand and apply this principle. Forms are a great way to increase the value of a website — rather than allowing visitors to just scan and leave, you can capture their information and continue to engage with them.

Wordpress has a seemingly infinite number of plugins and integrations that allow form submissions. This seems like an advantage at first, but websites with a lot of moving parts can get overwhelming very quickly when they’re built on the Wordpress platform.

For example, if you have a submission form for your email marketing list; an event registration form for your upcoming webinar; and an intake form for new clients; you might be using three different apps or Wordpress plugins, which can make it very difficult to manage your forms and submissions. Your tasks might look something like this:

  • Design Form A in your MailChimp account (or other email marketing platform), use the Wordpress plugin to integrate the form into your website, and log in to MailChimp each time you need to create an email marketing campaign
  • Link Form B to to an event management app, then send promotional emails manually as the event approaches
  • Build Form C in Wufoo or Gravity Forms, embed it on your site, manually export the submissions to a productivity app, and add to-dos and project details for new clients

Suddenly, the convenience of Wordpress plugins sure sounds like a lot of work. How much time would you save if you didn’t have to manage separate apps and deal with integration?

We’ve built a Forms module into the Accrisoft Freedom software that allows you to funnel all your form submissions into one place. You can create and customize new web forms inside the module, and link them to specific actions — for example, email marketing. You’ll see all your form submissions in one dashboard so you can sort by the date submitted, the form origination, and more. Plus, you can use the dashboard as a tracking system by updating the status of each new contact as you engage with them.

When you use Accrisoft Freedom to build websites for your clients, you can spend less time managing their databases and integrating apps and plugins. This means you can complete projects in less time and make space for additional work — and your clients can easily manage their forms without stressing about how the apps and plugins work together.

With the Forms module, you can even automate your client marketing activity by linking a Form to the Lead Nurturing module. You can then activate lead nurturing campaigns to identify and engage with leads who are most interested in working with you.

Have questions about the Forms module? Check out our forum posts.


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