By Amy Chick


Stop Directing Visitors to Your Home Page - And What You Should Do Instead

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

When new visitors land on a website, the Home page is often the first place they visit — but it shouldn’t be.

A static home page delivers the same message to every new visitor, but you’re better off customizing your content to encourage a specific action. For example, think of what happens when someone new follows you on Twitter. This new follower is mildly interested in you as a source of information, but the lack of an established relationship means this person is unlikely to become a customer just yet. You can customize a landing page for your Twitter followers to encourage them to get to know you through your blog posts, About page, etc.

On the other hand, someone who attended a webinar you hosted may be interested in a service or offer you mentioned during the presentation. In this case, it makes more sense to direct this person to a landing page where they can join an interest list for the promotion you offered.

A landing page combined with a form to capture leads can be a powerful conversion tool. Rather than allowing visitors to leave a website without taking any action, you can encourage them to declare their interest in your product, service or information. These names become warm leads that you can engage with and nurture until they are ready to complete the sales process. Plus, by using multiple landing pages, you can more easily identify your highest-performing marketing channels based on the volume of source traffic.

There are so many great reasons to use landing pages — yet, nearly half of websites targeting businesses don’t use this strategy. You can add value to your web development projects by educating your clients on landing page strategy and building an additional page layout into your project package. This simple add-on will directly affect the income potential for each of your projects, and increase conversion rates for your clients.

Landing page apps and builders often come at a staggering price; but with Accrisoft Freedom, the functionality is built directly into the software. With our Landing Pages module, you can:

  • quickly develop a simpler version of your web page — without the distracting headers, navigation bars, and side widgets — so your visitors focus entirely on the message you want them to see;
  • add graphics, forms, and content that target the type of visitors you want to convert;
  • and test landing pages against each other to maximize conversion rates.

Need help using the Landing Pages module? Our forum has everything you need to get started.



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