10 Best Real Estate Association Website Designs of 2014

Published: Tuesday, August 19, 2014 | Tags: website, real estate, web design

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Looking for some inspiration for your new real estate association web design? You’ve come to the right place!

We sorted through hundreds of Association of Realtors and Board of Realtors websites to bring you our picks for this year’s very best.

We looked for associations using the latest web design trends—things like full-page image backgrounds (or “hero images”) and flat design elements. And we kept an eye out for clean, well-organized layouts and user-friendly interfaces.

The following 10 real estate association websites are the ones that impressed us the most. Enjoy!

(And if your real estate association made it onto the list, keep up the good work!)


1) Oklahoma Association of Realtors

Oklahoma Association of Realtors website

Visiting this website is truly a delightful experience. The Oklahoma Association of Realtors website implements some of the coolest design trends:

  • Full-page, video-style image rotator
  • Geometric overlays
  • Fixed navigation


2) Suburban Realtors Alliance

Suburban Realtors Alliance

I’m a little biased when it comes to the Suburban Realtors Alliance website, but I think many will agree that the Accrisoft team did an incredible job building and designing this site. The full-width image rotator is stunning, and the colorful “quick link” buttons give the site a modern look. Things get even better under the hood—members can log in to a database to browse real estate regulations per municipality.


3) Greater Albuquerque Association of Realtors

Greater Albuquerque Association of Realtors website

This website is refreshingly simple and user-friendly. The layout is clean and uses plenty of whitespace, the navigation bar is devoid of dropdowns, and the MLS search feature is conveniently front-and-center on the homepage. The fun, vibrant photos are the perfect finishing touch to this minimalistic web design.


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4) Charlotte Region Commercial Board of Realtors

Charlotte Region Commercial Board of Realtors

Content on the CRCBR website is extremely well organized and easy to read. We love the clean lines of the navigation menu and call-to-action buttons, the list of news articles, and the calendar of events lister. That great color palette—white and gray, with red accents—is consistent throughout the entire website.


5) Crossroads Association of Realtors

Crossroads Association of Realtors website design

The Crossroads Association of Realtors site is another design that really embraces whitespace. The clean design is embellished with flat design elements and high quality images. This site also features fixed navigation, responsive design, and a clever pop-out search bar.


6) Oklahoma City Metropolitan Association of Realtors

OKC Metropolitan Association of Realtors web design

The OKCMAR website is very welcoming, thanks to the large image rotator featuring high quality photos of property. The flat colors and clean lines create a pleasing experience for visitors.


7) Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors

Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors web design

The MIBOR website has a unique navigation menu that pushes down page content rather than overlapping it, making menu items easier to read. The clean layout, flat design elements and prominent call-to-action buttons create an incredibly user-friendly website.


Like what you see so far? Let's talk more about your next generation website!


8) Alabama Association of Realtors

Alabama Association of Realtors

This site made it into our Top 10 list in 2013, and it’s still great a year later. The Alabama Association of Realtors website features a beautiful image rotator, a clean navigation menu, and a cool grid-style media center.


9) Anchorage Board of Realtors

Anchorage Board of Realtors website design

This minimalistic website is full of subtle, charming design elements—the Search bar that turns green when you click to type, the skyline image in the footer, and the transition effect when you hover over the Membership Dues button.


10) Manhattan Associations of Realtors

Manhattan Association of Realtors

The Manhattan Associations of Realtors minimizes their header to make room for huge rotating images of the city. Everything on this site is clean and crisp, from the navigation menu to the property search and the contact form.  The photography is impeccable.



Your Turn 

We hope you found some inspiration in these incredible website designs. If you’re planning on redesigning your real estate association website this year, these are the sites to look to as your Northern Star.

If you've recently launched a new web design for your real estate association, we'd love to see it! Share your URL in the comments section below.


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