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How We're Creating A Better Blog For You

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Excellence - Accrisoft Core ValueHere at Accrisoft, we are obsessed with the idea of excellence. We strive for excellence in everything we do, whether that’s creating websites, providing customer support…or writing our blog.

We started this blog with the goal to provide nonprofits with high value and relevant content that you can't get anywhere else. For the past two and a half years, we’ve shared 100+ blog posts with thousands of readers.

But there’s always that question nagging at us: “How can we be better?”

Well, we researched and brainstormed and took long walks on the greenway, and we finally came up with the answer.


Blog Posts Written Specifically For You & Your Nonprofit

Our readers have told us that what makes our content so valuable is that it is written for nonprofits.

So that got us thinking…what if we got even more specific, and wrote blog posts specially tailored to different types  of nonprofits?

After all, different types of nonprofits face very different challenges. What’s valuable to a Real Estate Association might have no meaning whatsoever to an Economic Development organization.

Instead of creating one-size-fits-all content for nonprofits, we’re going to start creating content specific to different types of nonprofits. Topics will be based on concepts discussed during my on-site visits with our nonprofit customers.

Our hope is that this will make our blog posts even more valuable to you.


Less Inbox Clutter

We will do our best to send you only content that is relevant to you. Because content specific to your nonprofit won’t be posted every week, you’ll begin receiving less blog emails from us.

We like to think of it as “Less, but better.”


And the new chapter of the Accrisoft blog begins...






Our Vision For The Blog

We want to create a blog that is written specifically for our customers and their nonprofits. Our commitment is to provide our readers and nonprofit customers with relevant, actionable information that will enable them to leverage the power of the Web and accomplish their marketing goals.



What do you think ?

As we constantly strive to improve our blog and reach a higher level of excellence, we welcome your feedback. Please leave your comments below.



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