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The Easiest Way to Email With a Domain Name

Thursday, July 3, 2014

People often ask me how to send emails using domain names that they own. For example, if they owned the domain, they’re curious if they can send email that comes from

This is a good idea! An email address that has your company’s domain name in it is more professional than a generic one ending in,,, or, and the good news is that this is really easy to accomplish!

UPDATE:  Gmail has changed it's policies on August 4th, 2014.  The following steps will not work until I find another workaround. The following steps worked until this new policy since 2009. (link to policy change)
However, following Steps 1-3 will still forward your domain's email to your gmail address, you just won't be able to "reply as" that email address (it will look like it comes from your account).

Step 1: Buy the Domain

(If you already own the domain you want to use, skip this step.) First, buy the domain name that you want to use. I use GoDaddy, because I know that they include email forwarding with domain purchases. If you’re using another domain registrar, make sure they offer this feature before purchasing the domain.

Step 2: Make Sure You Have a Gmail Account

This works best with Gmail, so if you don’t already have an account, create one with Google.

Step 3: Configure Email Forwarding

Now, go to your GoDaddy account dashboard and find the Email Products section. Locate the “Email Forwarding” section and click the Set Up button.

(Side note before continuing: Godaddy often changes their Account Dashboard interface, so the following screenshots and instructions may not be exact, if you are reading this at a later date; however the concept will still apply)

Godaddy dashboard

Select your domain and press Set Up.

Free Product Setup

Then click the Launch button.

Launch Button

On the next screen, you will either see a pop up that says "Forward Email" (first time setup), or it will lead you to your Email Workspace Control Center.  The Email Workspace Control Center has a button for you to "Create Forward", that will then bring up the "Forward Email" pop-up.  

workspace control

Click this button and fill in the email address you want to create, and forward it to your Gmail account.

forward to gmail

This is what your workspace control panel will look like after it has been added:

after forward has been added

Step 4: Configure Gmail

Next, log into your Gmail account. Click on the gear toward the top right of the screen and select Settings.

gmail settings

From the settings screen, click on Accounts and Import, and you will see a “Send mail as” section. Click the link to “Add an email address you own.”

add an alias

Type in your name, and the email address you created in GoDaddy.

gmail forward step 1

On the next screen, keep “Send through Gmail” selected, then go to the next step.

gmail forward step 2

Press “Send verification” to send yourself an email. Check your gmail inbox in a few seconds, and you should see an email to verify that you own that new email address. Click the link included in the email to verify the new account.

gmail forward step 3 verification

Step 5: You’re done!

Now, your Gmail account is linked to the email address you created based on your domain.  When composing emails, you can now select your domain for the email to come from.  And the best part is that you can complete this same process with multiple domain names! I currently have 6, and it’s nice to have only one place to check them all.

Compose Email with Alias

Other Notes:

Make sure that you selected “Reply from the same address the message was sent to” from your settings.

When using email on your phone, I suggest using the Gmail app, so you can also reply as your Domain name email, rather than your Gmail address.


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