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How To Make Online Quizzes For Your Nonprofit

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Admit it, you’re dying to know which Star Wars character you are. (I got Obi-Wan Kenobi.) Or maybe you need some help deciding what state you actually belong in.

These types of fun, lighthearted personality quizzes have become extremely popular on the Web. In fact,'s most popular story of 2013 was a quiz posted on December 21. (It only took 11 days to receive more visitors than any other story posted that year!)

No doubt you’ve seen things like this posted all over your Facebook newsfeed:

What State Do You Actually Belong In? quiz

So, why are quizzes so popular?

An article on Mashable hypothesizes two reasons why quizzes go viral:

  1. People love to share things that say something about who they are.
  2. Quizzes are addictive—once you take one, you want to take more.

Makes sense. So why not leverage this latest Web craze to help spread the word about your nonprofit organization?

Companies like Mattel (for the Barbie brand) and Coppertone are already taking advantage by creating sponsored quizzes on sites like Buzzfeed and Zimbio.

And now YOU can create branded quizzes for your nonprofit without paying thousands in advertising dollars.


How To Create Your Own Quiz—For Free!

qzzr logo is a platform for creating your own quizzes. The free version allows you to create unlimited quizzes, write your own questions and responses, and create different outcomes.

Qzzr also provides some great marketing functionality:

  • Lead captures: Collect email addresses of quiz-takers.
  • Offer click-thrus: Send quiz-takers to your own landing page.
  • Share buttons: Enable quiz-takers to share their results on social media.
  • Share redirects: When someone clicks your quiz’s link in social media, you can redirect them to the embedded quiz on your website (rather than the Qzzr website).

With the free account, you get a limited number of lead captures, offer click-thrus and share redirects. You can get more by upgrading to the Standard account for just $19 a month.


7 Tips For Creating A Viral Quiz For Your Nonprofit

1) Brand it. 

When you create an account on Qzzr, use your nonprofit’s name (rather than your own name) and add your logo as your profile picture.


2) Include a description of the outcome.

For example, I took the quiz, “What Charity Should You Support?” My result was The Global Fund, and a description underneath included the URL and an explanation of what that charity does.


3) Outcomes should always be positive and upbeat.

Don’t punish someone for taking your quiz by insulting them at the end. If a chamber were to create a quiz called, “What Type Of Entrepreneur Are You?” (based on this article) the outcomes should be things like Superpreneur and Localpreneur, NOT something negative like Fauxpreneur.


4) Use a combination of image and text answers.

Images are fun (“Which sandwich looks tastiest?”) but some questions require word answers (“What’s your life motto?). Make sure to use legal images.


5) Keep it personality-focused AND relevant to your organization.

Accrisoft is a web design company, so we created the quiz, “Which Popular Web Design  Trend Are You?” If you are an economic development organization in, let’s say, New York City, you could create a quiz called “Which NYC Borough Should You Relocate To?”


6) Try incorporating pop culture.

Quizzes that have to do with popular music, television shows and movies seem to do very well. For instance, a Real Estate Association could create a quiz titled, “Which TV Show Realtor Are You?” and include a picture of fictional realtor Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell) of Modern Family. 

(Note: Wikimedia Commons is the best source for finding free, legal images of celebrities.)


7) Include a call-to-action.

This is where your quiz becomes more than a brand awareness tool—you can actually generate leads with your quiz. gives you two options for doing this:

  • Collect email addresses (“Subscribe to our e-newsletter!”)
  • Link to a landing page on your website (“Learn more about the JCC Summer Camp!”)



Quizzes are a fun new way to build awareness of your organization, build your email subscriber lists, and generate leads. And if you come up with a creative idea that really delights your audience, your quiz could reach hundreds, thousands, or even millions of viewers!

So go ahead and give it a shot. Go to to get started!

Have you created a quiz for your nonprofit? If so, please share it below—I'd love to take it!



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