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The Silver Interface

Thursday, May 22, 2014

As we often tell people, Freedom is a CMS, but it’s also a lot more than that — it’s the central hub for a company’s entire online presence, and a place where they can manage their entire business.

A lot of different kinds of people spend time in the Freedom interfaces, like CEOs, bloggers, marketing people, project managers, etc. We think it’s important to reflect that within the interfaces themselves. This helps make the software a little bit more intuitive, which in turn makes the overall experience better.

We’ve long had different colored interfaces, and for years, it was Orange (Customer Relationship Management), Blue (Content Management), Green (Website Development) and Red (Command Console). However, as we began to add more and more digital marketing tools, we found that they were best suited to their own interface.

We also wanted to add clarity on the Orange interface, which had long been considered part of Endeavor (it had previously been known as Accrisoft Business Tools, and, before that, Reseller Business Tools. Until 9.4, sites without Endeavor could still have the CRM tools, but they’d be in Blue instead of Orange. This confused many people.

So we decided to fix it. Orange is for customer relationship management, and those modules are always in Orange, not in Blue sometimes.

Red is Endeavor. It’s the “Central Command Console,” and it’s for SPs only. This is where they can view all of their Freedom websites in one place, and quickly log into each site, and easily upgrade sites to the latest version.

With more interfaces comes the possibility that it will be more difficult to find the module you’re looking for. For example, people who aren’t yet used to the idea that Email Marketing has moved from Blue to Silver might accidentally switch to Blue the first few times. As a remedy, we added a new interface switcher. You can just type in the name of the module you want, and, regardless of what interface it’s in, it will appear.

tools search

You can also hover over the tabs for the Blue, Orange and Silver interfaces and see all of the modules within that interface, and click on the one you need, saving you time and clicks:


We’re always striving to make the user experience in Freedom better, and we think this is a step in the right direction. There are many other enhancements we plan on making, and we look forward to rolling them out to our users.


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