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When Bad Images Happen To Good Websites

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The images you use on your website can make or break the design.

Modern web designs are very image-heavy. Full-page background images and large image rotators are huge trends right now. When an image is that prominent on your website, it had better be a good one.

To illustrate my point, let’s look at a really nice web design and see how the quality of the site changes when different images are placed on the homepage.

The Good: High Quality Photography

high quality photograph example

High quality photography will give your website a professional, credible look and feel. If you can’t hire a professional photographer to take custom photos, you can always purchase stock photography. Check out Shutterstock, iStock and photodune. And Depositphotos has stock images for as little as $1.00! 

The Bad: Pixelated Photography

blurry photograph example

“Pixelated” means the individual pixels of color in an image are visible to the naked eye. This is often caused when a too-small image is stretched to fit into a large image placeholder. Pixelated images look unprofessional and present a bad first impression to visitors. Always make sure your images are sized correctly and appear crystal clear on your site!

The Ugly: Busy, Text-Heavy, Cobbled-Together Event Banner

bad event banner image example

Nothing ruins a clean web design faster than a busy, text-heavy, cobbled together event banner. (And don’t even get me started on the starburst.) Promoting events is a great use of your image rotator, but there are better, more aesthetically-pleasing ways to do it. There’s no need to place ALL of the event details right there on your homepage. A nice photograph with a short caption (as you saw demonstrated in “The Good”) is a great way to draw attention and encourage visitors to click through for more event details.


The Bottom Line?

Make finding high quality, professional-looking photography a top priority. Make a good first impression. Don’t let bad images ruin your great web design.

Thumbnail image source: Henry Tahiliani


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