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Working "On" Your Organization vs. Working "In" It

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Season Finale

As someone in a leadership role, there are two ways to approach your organization—you can work "in" it, or you can work "on" it.

Working "in" your organization is performing daily tasks, accomplishing short term goals, and working toward a defined long term goal. Obviously, working "in" your organization is extremely important. It’s the pulse that keeps your organization alive and well.

But in order to achieve progress, from time to time you’ll need to step back, take a look around you, and make sure you’re still going in a direction that will lead your organization to continued growth and success. Working "on" your organization is about making sure your long term goal is still relevant and making sure your team’s daily routines are properly aligned to bring you closer to accomplising that goal.

My advice is to slot out some time each week, month and quarter to evaluate your organization’s progress and determine if you are moving in the right direction. Survey the scene. Allow yourself to reflect on the past and do some creative thinking for the future.

The Thinker

When the Accrisoft blog turned one year old last February, we took the time to reflect on the progress of our blog…and came out on the other side with the idea to open up our chamber of commerce blog to all nonprofits. Now that we have completed the second year of the Accrisoft blog, we can’t help but think about the next generation of the blog.

Then, just last week, we celebrated the World Wide Web’s 25th birthday and were reminded that we are in the fastest moving industry known to mankind. It reinforced the importance of stepping back and really assessing and researching the existing landscape and future trends of the Web.

In order to better serve you, Loyal Readers, we will be taking a brief hiatus from our weekly series to work "on" our blog. We will be using this time to research the topics that are important to nonprofit leaders and marketers. We'll also be creating a new editorial calendar that will have a profound positive impact on your organization. Our mission is to make this blog a source of useful, actionable information on ways your organization can leverage the full power of the Web to accomplish your business goals.

We won’t be completely gone, however. Think of how a season of your favorite television show ends—there’s always a season finale episode, then a break during which the show’s producers are creating new episodes and the network airs reruns.

This is our season finale. We’ll be back before too long, and in the meantime, we’ll be sharing some re-runs of our own—some of our best-loved articles that are still incredibly valuable and relevant.

I personally find a lot of enjoyment in re-runs. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched the Merv Griffin episode of Seinfeld, but I can tell you that I find something new that amuses me every time. I hope you’ll find some new gold nuggets in the articles we’ll be re-running.

(We’ll also be sharing some new content from time to time—quick tips and short articles to help you stay on the forefront of digital marketing!)


When was the last time you worked "on" your organization, rather than "in" it? If it’s been awhile, I suggest slotting out some time—maybe even this Friday afternoon—to reflect on where your organization has been, and to dream about where you want to see your organization ten years from now.

Here at the Accrisoft blog, we’ll be doing the same.

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