7 Best Practices for Advertising on LinkedIn

Published: Tuesday, July 23, 2013 | Tags: advertising, best practices, LinkedIn, networking, social media, social media for nonprofits

Freeze pops image courtesy of slowmama.com

Do you remember those freezer pops that came in the plastic tubes, the ones your mom would snip at the top with scissors and hand out to you and your friends? To me, those freezer pops are an iconic reminder of hot summer days as a kid.

Among the group of kids I ran with, our favorite “flavor” was red, so those were always the first to go. We’d spend the rest of the summer suffering through orange, green, blue…and the dreaded purple pop. Now, years later, I wonder why the Fla-Vor-Ice company never made a box consisting entirely of red freezer pops. 

It’s frustrating to pay for excess when you’ve already set your sights on something specific, whether it’s a red freezer pop or a potential customer.

Paying for excess is an issue many organizations deal with when engaging in online advertising. It’s true that Google AdWords is a great platform for targeting people based on their search queries, but what if you know exactly the type of person you’re looking for—their industry, job title, and even job function? Rather than targeting the search queries of the masses, you can use LinkedIn Ads to target a niche audience that will provide much more value to your organization.

The Advantages Of LinkedIn Ads 

LinkedIn Ads is an advertising platform that enables users to create and run ad campaigns targeted at a niche audience of LinkedIn users. Advertisements on LinkedIn come in three formats—text and image, text and video, and just text. LinkedIn Ads is a fairly new form of online advertising, but it certainly has some strong advantages:

  • Hypertargeting abilities allows you to narrow your target audience based on gender, age, geographic location, company, industry, job title, schools, skills and LinkedIn group membership.
  • An audience of professionals makes LinkedIn Ads a preferred platform of B2B organizations. (B2C organizations might be better off using Facebook Ads.)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) means you only pay for the people who are truly interested in what you’re offering. Your other payment option is Pay Per Thousand Impressions (PPM).

Because you’re targeting only the most relevant users, and because you’re only paying for the people who click, you can see why advertising on LinkedIn would yield a high ROI.

7 Best Practices for LinkedIn Advertising

In order to truly take advantage of this powerful advertising platform and create an effective campaign, be sure to follow these best practices:

  • Promote an intriguing offer (rather than simply promoting your organization). Examples: “Ebook: Fundraising on FB” or “Charity Networking Event” 
  • Write headlines that will resonate with your target audience. Learn their language and use their industry jargon. 
  • Include a call to action somewhere in your text. Example: “Download now” or “Sign up today”
  • Use a high-quality, eye-catching image. Try using a photo of a person or a brightly colored graphic. (Also, keep in mind the fact that the ad image size is tiny—50 pixels by 50 pixels.)
  • Create several versions of the same ad. Try out a few different headlines, text and images, and monitor each ad’s performance to determine what’s working and what’s not. LinkedIn will automatically recognize your top-performing ad and begin to run that ad more frequently than the others! You can pause your low-performing ads at any time.
  • Set up your ad so that it sends clickers to a specially-designed landing page on your website.
  • Make sure the destination (your landing page) aligns with your ad’s message. Do not try to mislead viewers by creating a false advertisement in hopes of getting more clicks and traffic to your website. If you promise a free e-book download, don’t ask for payment on your landing page.

After a quick search online, it looks like a box of red-only freeze pops still hasn’t made its way onto the market. But even if you have to pay for some excess when purchasing your summer treats, you can find relief in knowing that your LinkedIn Ads campaign is extremely cost effective!

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