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10 Inspiring Business Web Designs

Friday, April 26, 2013

Even though my blog is intended to help nonprofits with their internet marketing, I believe there’s always something to be learned from for-profit organizations. 

For today’s blog post, 10 of my company’s team members shared with me the best business web designs from their hometowns. I think you’ll find today’s list to be very inspiring, and I hope you discover some new ideas for your own nonprofit web design.



1) Milliken and Company's web design features a stunning full-page image slider and beautiful dropdown menus.

Milliken business web design


2) Time Warner Cable’s homepage has a simple navigation – just three buttons – to help point customers in the right direction. This site also does a nice job of keeping all of the content above the fold.

Time Warner Cable business web design


3) The Chris Craft Boats website features a full-page image slider composed of high-quality photography.

Chris Craft business web design


4) Bell Helicopter’s clean web design consists of a large image slider and three crisp content boxes. 

Bell Helicopter business web design


5) The Cracker Barrel website features a delectable full-page image header with bold calls to action.

Cracker Barrel web design


6) The HighLiner Foods website features a unique wave-shaped image rotator that reflects the company’s seafood products.

Highliner business web design


7) Lockheed Martin's web design makes a good use of whitespace to draw attention to its image rotator and content boxes.

Lockheed Martin business web design


8) ConAgra Foods uses brightly colored buttons to draw attention to their three main pages.

ConAgra Foods web design


9) Dakar Rally‘s action-packed website captures the essence of this Parisian-founded sporting event with a cool textured background. Scroll down the page, and you’ll see that even the social media buttons have a rugged look to them. (And yep, that’s right, we have a team member from France!)

Dakar Rally web design


10) The website of Wodey-Suchard, a Swiss Chocolate Factory (yep, we also have a team member from Switzerland!) features a unique navigation bar design, a simple layout, and beautiful product photos.

Wodey Suchard website


I hope you found today’s post, and the rest of the Top 10 Web Designs series, to be of great value. Whether you’re in the process of redesigning your website or just looking for a few new ideas to implement, finding a Northern Star website – one to follow and use as inspiration – is an important step in the design process.

If you’d like to see some of Accrisoft’s web designs, I encourage you to check out our portfolio!


I’d love to know what inspires you. What’s your Northern Star web design?


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