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10 Effective Foundation Web Designs

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Your foundation’s web site should accomplish three objectives – it should have a beautiful design that encourages visitors to stay and dig deeper into your site, it should tell your foundation’s story, and it should empower visitors to take action (whether that’s making a donation, joining your cause, or helping to promote your foundation on social media).

The 10 foundation web designs listed below achieve all three goals. I hope you’ll discover some new ideas and strategies for your own foundation website!


1) The Michael J Fox Foundation web design features beautiful call to action buttons and a striking image rotator, all set off by plenty of whitespace. Visit the site to see the very subtly-textured background.

Michael J Fox Foundation web design


2) The Rockefeller Foundation does a nice job of incorporating the circular elements of its logo into the web design. Check out their “Our Focus Areas” page to see the circle-inspired calls to action.

Rockefeller Foundation web design


3) The Leukemia Ironman Fundraiser for Eric web design features a bright orange image slider on top of a clean background. The top navigation’s drop down menu items include their own colorful icons – visit the site to check them out!

Leukemia Ironman Fundraiser for Eric web design


4) The George Snow Scholarship Foundation web design features bold social media icons. Because this website’s target audience is college students, placing one of their favorite means of communication front-and-center is a smart move.

George Snow Scholarship Foundation web design


5) The Women’s Sports Foundation web design features a stunning extra-large image rotator and prominent social media icons.

Women's Sports Foundation web design


6) Livestrong Foundation‘s large header image changes several times a day to promote featured articles. The large, highlighted caption ensures this is the first thing visitor see upon arrival.

Livestrong Foundation


7) The Bush Foundation web design uses geometric shapes and a vibrant color scheme to create a unique web design that’s easy to navigate.

Bush Foundation web design


8) The Energy and Mineral Law Foundation web design uses a simple layout and plenty of whitespace to make this site easy to navigate.

Energy and Mineral Law Foundation web design


9)  The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America uses a horizontally-scrolling header to keep the most important content above the fold.

Chrohn's and Colitis Foundation web design


10) The LIFE website's image slider has a heavy drop shadow, giving this web design a great sense of depth.

LIFE foundation web design



Come back tomorrow for the final Top 10 Web Designs list of this series. Tomorrow is a bonus post -  not on nonprofits, but on business web design. There’s plenty to learn about web design from our for-profit friends, so don’t miss it!


What’s your favorite foundation web design? 


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