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10 Beautiful Association Web Designs

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Update: Check out our more recent post, 10 Best Association Website Designs of 2014.


A beautiful, easy-to-navigate web design will greatly boost your association's credibility, enabling you to have a more powerful impact on the industry or cause your association supports. Visitors will stay on your website longer, members will have an easier time finding information, and supporters will feel more secure about making donations.

View this list of 10 beautiful association web designs to gain a better understanding of great design – and maybe even discover a few new ideas for your association's web design!


1) The Gemological Institute of America's exquisite use of whitespace is what makes this web design shine. Visit the website to check out the clean layout and fixed navigation.

GIA association web design


2) The Nevada State Apartment Association web design features a stunning large header image. When you visit the site, place your cursor over the menu items to experience a unique hover-over effect.

Nevada State Apartment Association web design


3) The Motion Picture Association of America uses yellow icons and a yellow hover-over effect to draw attention to different links within the website.

Motion Picture Association web design


4) The International Association for Correctional and Forensic Psychology uses whitespace (and strategic placement directly above the fold) to draw attention to the call to action, "Enter Your Email." 

IACFP association web design


5) Zoological Association of America's large image rotator immediately grabs your attention with beautiful wildlife photography.

Zoological Association of America web design


6) The National Association of Independent Schools website's calls to action are hard to miss in that bright green box!

NAIS association web design


7) The San Antonio Apartment Association's social media buttons are easy to find at the top of the page.

San Antonio Apartment Association web design


8) The International Academy of Family Physicians website uses a wraparound banner to add depth to the design.

IAFP association web design


9) Michigan Alumni Association web design places the most important content above the fold, using an extra-large image rotator to convey most of the information.

Michigan Alumni Association web design


10) The NIRSA website features a collage-style image header. Each image expands when clicked, and contains a link to another page within the site.

NIRSA association web design



 Come back tomorrow for another Top 10 list highlighting the best web designs for realtor associations and real estate companies. See you then!


Share your favorite association web design! 


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