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10 Vibrant YMCA and JCC Web Designs

Friday, April 19, 2013


Update: Check out our more recent post, 10 Best JCC Websites of 2014.


Whether you’re a YMCA or a JCC, a great web design is crucial to attracting new members and serving your current members. A great YMCA or JCC web design is vibrant and fun, with an overall clean look and intuitive navigation that makes it easy for members to register for programs and classes.

Check out this list of 10 vibrant YMCA and JCC web designs, and get some new ideas for your own website!


1) Robert E. Loup JCC of Denver’s elegant use of whitespace makes this web design shine.

 Robert E. Loup Denver JCC web design


2) YMCA of Snohomish County keeps everything on the homepage above the fold, so all information can be viewed without scrolling.

Snohomish YMCA web design


3) The Robert & Dorothy Ludwig JCC of Schenectady web design includes a fixed navigation menu (the menu sticks to the top of the window even as you scroll). Scroll down the page to see it in action!

Schenectady JCC web design


4) The YMCA of Middle Tennessee’s minimalistic web design is so simple, there’s no way visitors will miss the large call to action.

Middle Tennessee YMCA web design


5) The Memphis JCC web design is clean and makes good use of whitespace. The simple form in the bottom right is just bright enough to draw attention without overwhelming visitors. 

Memphis JCC web design


6) The YMCA of Greater Houston website features prominent calls to action in the image rotator, as well as bold social media buttons at the top of the page.

Greater Houston YMCA web design


7) The Peninsula JCC website’s beautiful image rotator promotes news and upcoming events.

Peninsula JCC web design


8) YMCA of Northwest North Carolina’s beautiful web design features a large image slider and plenty of whitespace.

Northwest NC YMCA web design


9) The Streator Family YMCA‘s web design uses a pop of bright orange to draw attention to the “Support” banner.

Streator Family YMCA web design


10) The Jewish Federation of Omaha‘s unique image rotator provides a sneak peek of the next slide. Visit the site to check it out!

Omaha JCC web design 



Come back next Tuesday for a collection of 10 of the most beautiful association web designs!


What's your favorite YMCA or JCC web design? Share it in the comments section below!


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