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10 Stunning Economic Development Web Designs

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Update: Check out our more recent post, 10 Best Economic Development Websites of 2014.


When companies are looking to expand to a new area, their first step will be to go online and check out your region’s economic development organization website.

Visitors will associate the quality of your EDC's web design with the quality of your region's economy. That’s why it's so important to present website visitors with a professional, informative web design that portrays the strength and credibility of your region’s economic development organization.

Check out today’s list of 10 economic development web designs, and gain some insight into what makes a design truly stunning.


1) Develop Indy's fantastic use of whitespace (highlighted by pops of color) is what makes it shine.

Develop Indy economic development web design


2) The Greater MSP website features a beautiful collage-style image rotator - visit the site to enjoy the full experience. Also be sure to check out the interactive map!

Greater MSP economic development web design


3) The New York City Economic Development Corporation website includes several unique menu features - the top level navigation displays featured items, and another menu has a nice hover-over effect.

New York City Economic Development Organization web design


4) The Business Development Board of Palm Beach County, Inc.'s web design does a great job of keeping everything above the fold without cluttering up the design. The result is a simplistic and user-friendly website.

BDB Palm Beach County economic development web design


5) The Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation website includes a handy interactive property search - click here to try it out!



6) San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation's beautiful web design is complemented by circle-shaped buttons. Hover over each button to see more information!

San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation web design


7) Amarillo Economic Development Corporation features high quality images and a beautiful color scheme.

Amarillo Economic Development Organization web design


8) Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation's image rotator features a prominent call-to-action on each slide.

Lehigh Valley EDC economic development web design


9) The Raleigh Economic Development website's vertical image slider is a fresh take on traditional horizontal rotators.

Raleigh Economic Development web design


10) The Greater Phoenix Economic Council web design features a large header image that blends nicely into the white background.

Greater Phoenix Economic Council



Thank you for taking the time to peruse this post – I hope you found it to be of value. Stop by again tomorrow for a new list of the top 10 JCC and YMCA web designs!


What are some other great economic development web designs? Please share in the comments section below.


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