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10 Impressive Chamber of Commerce Web Designs

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Update: Check out our more recent post, 10 Best Chamber of Commerce Websites of 2014. 


Because a chamber's main priority is to provide resources to the business community, it’s important for your chamber web design to feature a clean, professional look with clear-cut navigation.

An impressive chamber of commerce web design will boost your credibility and encourage visitors to interact with your website, whether that means filling out a Join Now form, registering for a program, or catching up on the latest business news.

I have pulled together a list of what I consider to be 10 of the most impressive chamber of commerce web designs. Check them out for some great inspiration!


1) The Zionsville Chamber's prominent call to action - JOIN THE CHAMBER - is pretty hard to miss.

Zionsville Chamber of Commerce web design


2) The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber website's large header features a series of crisp, high-quality photography.

Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce web design


3) The Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber's simplistic web design does a great job of prominently displaying social media icons and incorporating a Twitter feed.

Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce web design


4) The Greater Akron Chamber website features a unique image slider. Visit the page to see it in action!

Greater Akron Chamber web design


5) The Associated Oregon Industries website features a responsive design that adjusts to fit the different screen sizes of smartphones, tablets and laptops. Visit the site and change the size of your browser window to see how it works.

Associated Oregon Industries chamber of commerce web design


6) The Tillamook Area Chamber website is refreshingly minimalistic.

Tillamook Area Chamber of Commerce web design


7) The Asheville Area Chamber's brightly colored navigation menus provide visual previews of what you'll find on each page. See this nice feature for yourself!

Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce web design


8) The Charlotte Chamber website has a clean layout that makes information easy to locate.

Charlotte Chamber of Commerce web design


9) The Greater Durham Chamber's web design features pops of color on top of a neutral background. The colored buttons and icons draw attention to important calls to action.

Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce web design


10) The Greater Leander Chamber website makes beautiful use of whitespace. Hover over the menu items to see how they add depth to the web design.

Greater Leander Chamber of Commerce web design


 For more chamber of commerce web designs, check out Accrisoft's portfolio!


The Top 10 lists will continue tomorrow with a collection of the Web's best economic development organization web designs! 


Did I leave anyone out? Share with us your favorite chamber of commerce web design!


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