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Server Units: Hosting Simplified

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Freedom packages are tiered by the features available. However, there's also server resources to consider. Some of our sites get very little traffic, while others have thousands of visitors every day. How do we make it easy to upgrade a site, and make it easy for our Solution Providers to determine how big an upgrade they need? The answer we've come up with is Server Units, an easy, intuitive way to upgrade the hosting power of your Freedom Unlimited websites.

Each Freedom Unlimited website comes with one server unit; if your website needs additional resources, you can add on as many more as you need.

Adding one Server Unit will double the number of pageviews your site can expect to accommodate per hour: from 2,000 to 4,000. These numbers assume an average amount of content on each page, and will differ from site to site, but this is a good benchmark for estimating how many you need. For example, displaying a page of text doesn't require the same server resources as displaying a page full of embedded videos and high-resolution images.

Why pageviews?
We don't think it's very useful to talk about how much RAM, processing power and throughput these server units have, because these numbers don’t really mean much in real-world applications. What does 512MB of RAM, or a quad-core processor mean to a client who's noticing that their site is slowing down during peak hours?

We wanted a concrete, meaningful metric, and we've decided on pageviews. Anyone who is doing analytics on their site can see their peak hourly pageviews; For example here's a view of a Google Analytics page showing pageviews per hour:

If you're moving a site to Freedom, or the site is sometimes running slowly, check the current pageviews per hour to determine how many you'll need going forward. Just make sure to account for the highest peaks; you need to accommodate for them, or your site may go down or become non-responsive.


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