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Thursday, January 10, 2013


The Genius of the AndIf you are new to the blog, welcome! My name is Jeff Kline, and I am the president and CEO of Accrisoft, an internet marketing company in Charlotte, NC. We specialize in developing websites and digital marketing strategies for the nonprofit sector. I’m thrilled that you have decided to check out my blog!

To the many of you who have been following my blog for the past year, I appreciate your loyal readership and thank you for your continued support.


Newcomers might have noticed that almost every archived blog post from the past year includes the word “chamber” in the title. That’s because, in 2012, this blog focused solely on internet marketing for chambers of commerce. 

The blog became a highly valuable resource for our chamber readers, but I was bothered by the thought that we were neglecting our other customers and markets. So we found ourselves with a dilemma - do we continue to do what works (providing valuable content to our loyal chamber readers) OR do we stop in our tracks, and start over with a new market, focusing our time and efforts on EDOs or Associations or JCC’s?

We realized we were dealing with what Jim Collins and Jerry Porras have dubbed the “tyranny of the OR.” 

Built to LastIn the book Built To Last, Collins and Porras introduce the “tyranny of the OR” as a flawed business practice in which an organization approaches two contrasting strategies and feels compelled to choose one or the other.

Collins and Porras reveal that the organizations “built to last” are the ones that adopt a better business strategy - the “genius of the AND.” 


The “genius of the AND” is the concept of embracing two opposing strategies – sticking to your core, fundamental values AND igniting change, progress and innovation – in order to build an organization whose success is timeless.

We applied the “genius of the AND” concept to this blog. Rather than succumbing to the “tyranny of the OR,” we will continue providing our loyal chamber subscribers with the invaluable content they love AND open our doors to all nonprofits in order to provide the rest of our diverse customer base with the same caliber of information.

This blog will focus on the marketing goals all nonprofits share – to grow and retain membership through effective digital communication. So whether you represent a Chamber of Commerce, an Economic Development Organization, a JCC, an Association or any other type of nonprofit, this blog is written exclusively for you.

(I encourage you all to check out the past 12 month’s posts. Though the posts are geared toward chambers, the information is applicable to all nonprofit organizations.)


This blog will be written as a chronological collection of series, similar to the way a book is organized into chapters. Each series will focus on a single topic (an important component of internet marketing) and will consist of multiple posts exploring different aspects of that topic. New posts will be published each Thursday.

Though there’s bound to be some surprises along the way, here is a forecast of what to expect in 2013:

  • Tips and best practices for different components of internet marketing, including:
         - Inbound Marketing
         - Email marketing
         - Social media marketing
         - Content Marketing 
         - Content Management Systems
         - Search engine marketing (PPC and SEO)
         - Website design and development
         - Blogging
  • Downloadable ebooks and whitepapers that provide exclusive insights to internet marketing for your nonprofit organization.
  • Free online audits that allow your website and internet marketing tactics to be analyzed by an expert.
  • Examples of real nonprofits who have successfully implemented smart internet marketing strategies.
  • Tutorials on using Accrisoft Freedom CMS to implement internet marketing strategies and enhance your website.

“AND” much more!


To get the New Year off to a positive start, the first series of 2013 will be My Favorite Things. Each post will contain a list of my top 13 favorite new trends, best practices and tips, plus links to useful resources.

Share your thoughts -  what’s your favorite digital marketing or web design tip?


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