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New Year, New Blog

Thursday, January 3, 2013

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Dear loyal readers,

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This first post of the New Year is going to be a little different than what you’re used to reading here. In fact, I thought this would be the perfect way for me to tell you about my New Year’s Resolution.

In 2013, I'm opening the blog to all nonprofits.

When I launched this blog in early 2012, my goal was to provide chambers of commerce with internet marketing best practices. Based on the feedback I’ve received, I realize this blog has become a valuable resource for my chamber readers. But despite feeling good about the chamber blog, I couldn’t shake the feeling that we weren’t serving our other customers – the Economic Development Organizations, Associations, JCCs and other nonprofits we value so much.

So in early December, I met with my marketing team to discuss our predicament. Do we continue to provide the same relevant information to our chamber readers, or do we switch the focus to EDOs or Associations or JCCs? 

We then realized we were dealing with what Jim Collins and Jerry Porras have dubbed the “tyranny of the OR” (stated in their book Built To Last). According to Collins and Porras, the solution is to instead leverage the “genius of the AND.” More about this business strategy next week.

Our “aha!” moment was when we realized all nonprofits share the same goal: to retain and grow membership. The valuable information we’ve supplied to our chamber customers for the past year holds the same rich value and relevancy for JCCs, EDOs and our other nonprofit customers. 

Moving forward in 2013, the blog will continue to provide the same caliber of information shared on the chamber-specific blog, but the focus will now be extended to all nonprofit organizations. This blog will become an internet marketing blog for Chambers of Commerce AND Economic Development Organizations AND Associations AND JCCs AND any other type of nonprofit organization.

There will be one more new feature added to the blog in 2013. In addition to providing internet marketing best practices, we will also be sharing tips and tutorials for those of you who currently use the Accrisoft Freedom software to power your website. This way, as you learn new strategies and best practices, you’ll also learn how to implement them using your software! (What is Accrisoft Freedom?)

To my loyal chamber readers, I guarantee you the new nonprofit blog will still be an extremely valuable resource for succeeding at internet marketing and reaching your business goals. In 2013, you will receive a better assortment of tips, tutorials and examples to inspire your organization’s digital marketing strategy. We’ll also be featuring several of your websites, social strategies and marketing campaigns in posts, which will be seen by thousands of other organizations across the country. And a more diverse reader base will provide us all with the opportunity to view marketing challenges from new perspectives – through the eyes of an Executive Director of an Economic Development Organization, perhaps, or the Director of Marketing of an Association of Realtors - and share our own unique, innovative solutions.

Here’s to the New Year, the new blog, and new internet marketing trends and ideas for nonprofits!

All the best,

Jeff Kline
President/CEO, Accrisoft


If this is your first introduction to my blog, I encourage you to take a look at some of the posts from the past year. Though all of my 2012 posts focused on chambers, the ideas shared can be applied to any membership-based or nonprofit organization.

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Good question. Accrisoft Freedom is a web content management system developed by Accrisoft’s sister company. Its top functionalities include membership management, email marketing automation, and a dynamic Events feature. It is incredibly powerful, yet incredibly user-friendly. That’s why we use Accrisoft Freedom to power all of our customers’ websites. Visit the Accrisoft Freedom webpage to learn more.


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