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10 Video Ideas for Chambers

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Last week’s blog post provided you with a beginner’s guide to using YouTube for your chamber of commerce. But knowing how to use YouTube isn’t enough. You also must fill your channel with enticing video content that utilizes the three Es strategy to entertain, educate, and engage your audience.

For today’s blog post, I have put together a list of 10 video ideas and examples to help you begin creating video content that supports your chamber’s marketing goals.


Create a video that tells your chamber’s story. This can be as simple as a photo slideshow with a voiceover and some music. Share the story of your chamber’s founding, your chamber’s greatest achievements, and your plans for the future. The featured video on the Greater Lowell Chamber’s channel is an inspiring overview of the chamber’s most notable events and accomplishments in 2012.

Engage your members by telling their stories through video. This will provide them recognition, as well as nurture your relationship with them. Take a cue from the Salem Area Chamber and create a playlist where you feature a different business owner in each video.

Provide valuable educational content by chatting with chamber members and other local leaders about their individual areas of expertise. In the example below, the South Carolina Chamber’s playlist “CEO Corner” features a video where the chamber CEO interviews a local CEO on the future of the telecommunications industry. 

Use video to promote an upcoming chamber event. The Seattle Chamber used attendees’ testimonials of the past year’s event to generate excitement about the upcoming annual meeting. The video even includes a registration link.

When your chamber hosts a fundraiser or an awards ceremony, put together images and video clips from the event to create a recap video. This is a nice way to say “Thanks” or “Congratulations” to attendees, and it becomes a great resource for promoting next year’s event. The Asheville Chamber put pictures of their 115th Annual Meeting to music.

Hosting a chamber talk show allows you to be entertaining and educational at the same time. You also have the benefit of combining multiple types of content – you can discuss a hot topic with a guest, report relevant news, and promote upcoming events…all in one video! The Frederick Chamber hosts a great talk show called Chamber TV

For a quick and easy sales tool, recruit members to sing your praises on camera. Be sure to keep each testimonial video under a minute. Check out the Oceanside Chamber channel for a great example of a member testimonial playlist.

Take a look at a TEDTalks video. The entire video consists only of a speaker and some presentation slides, but it makes a huge impact. At your next chamber-hosted speaking event, be sure to get a good audio and video recording of the presenter (as well as a digital copy of the PowerPoint presentation) so you can put together a powerful video.

How To videos are some of the most sought-out on the web. What do your members need help doing - filing out tax forms, hiring a copyright attorney, or maybe learning how to use YouTube for their company? The OKC Chamber created a video educating members on a new element of its website: How to Use the Interactive Footer.

Promoting member videos shows that you care about the success of your members’ businesses. There are two ways to do this – you could create a playlist of your members’ videos, or you could feature your members’ channels on the main page of your chamber channel (as the Greater Celebration Chamber does).


These are just a few video ideas to help your chamber promote events, interact with members, and educate the public. But this certainly isn’t the end of the list. As you learn more about your member’s needs, you will discover new ways to use video to enhance your members’ chamber experience. Just remember as you’re creating video to follow the three Es strategy – entertain them, educate them, and engage them. 

What type of video has proved most rewarding for your chamber?


Join me next week for a new blog post discussing emerging social networks, including Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and SnapChat!

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