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The AccriCloud: The sky's the limit

Monday, November 12, 2012

Cloud computing has certainly been a hot topic lately, but there seems to be some confusion about what exactly cloud hosting is, and how it relates; after all, isn't all hosting in the cloud?

For us, cloud hosting essentially refers to a website's independence from the confines of an individual machine. With cloud hosting, we can do things like quickly change resource allocations as needed, and move sites around with little or no downtime. It's a more agile, flexible solution that makes it possible to quickly match server resources to each site's needs.

The name for our new cloud hosting platform is the AccriCloud. As a Freedom user, you'll experience better stability and more power on-demand for when you need it. We have complete control over the machines that make up this service, so we can fine-tune everything for optimal performance, and quickly make changes as needed. This will all happen behind the scenes, so for you it will simply mean more uptime.

The best part is, all new Freedom websites will be deployed into this hosting environment. To order a new AccriCloud-based Freedom site, just click Buy Now.


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