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5 Tips for Managing Your Chamber Facebook Page

Thursday, November 8, 2012

How To Use The Facebook Admin Panel

captain kirkEvery manager needs a mission control room, whether you’re Captain Kirk aboard the Enterprise or a chamber executive managing a Facebook page. 

Kirk had the Bridge. You have the Admin Panel.

Being a Facebook page administrator gives you access to the Admin Panel, which can be found directly above your Timeline’s cover image. This is your Facebook page control center, where you can edit your page, build your audience, observe fan behavior, and track analytics. In today’s blog post, you will learn 5 tips to help you leverage the capabilities of your chamber page’s Admin Panel.

Facebook admin panel



add admin

Social media works best when the whole team is on board. Allow members of your chamber staff to contribute to your chamber’s Facebook presence by adding them as Admins. Click Edit Page in the upper right corner of your page, and select Admin Roles in the dropdown menu.

There are different types of admin roles that can be assigned – Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser, Analyst – and each comes with its own unique capabilities. Manager gives admins full access to your chamber Facebook page. 

admin roles



use facebook asYou can switch back and forth between using Facebook as yourself and using Facebook as your page. This feature is particularly useful when you want to post as yourself (not as your chamber) on your chamber page. It’s also useful when you want your chamber to Like or comment on another business’s Page.

There are three ways to switch voices: click Voice, click the arrow next to the Home button, or click Edit Page and Use Facebook As _____.



 Click Build Audience in the Admin panel to view your options.

facebook build your audience

  • Invite Email Contacts helps you figure out which of your email contacts are on Facebook.
  • Invite Friends lets you send a request to your personal Facebook friends.
  • Share Page creates a link to your Page that you can post on your personal Timeline, on a friend’s Timeline, or in a group. Only share in groups whose members would be interested in your chamber.

Facebook Advertising (another Share option) will be discussed in an upcoming post.


export facebook insights“Insights” is Facebook’s term for analytics. Click See All on the Admin Panel’s Insights box to see the demographics, dates and totals of:

  • who likes your page
  • who your page content has reached
  • who is talking about your page
  • who has checked in to your chamber’s physical address

Export this data to monitor your progress, compare to previous weeks, months or years, and share with your chamber’s executive staff.

facebook likesTIP #5 – DISCOVER WHO LIKES YOU

Back in the Admin Panel, click See All in the New Likes box to view a full list of recent Likes on your page. By default, the list will display people who like your page. Don’t forget to select the Pages that like this option so you can see the businesses, groups and organizations that support you – and be sure to like them in return!


For the past three weeks, we have discussed how to set up your chamber’s Facebook page, how to write engaging status updates, and today, how to use the Admin Panel to manage your chamber’s Facebook page. May your chamber’s Facebook page live long and prosper!


Next week we are going to move on to LinkedIn. While Facebook allows people to connect with friends and establish personal relationships, LinkedIn provides a platform for business-to-business networking and professional relationships.  LinkedIn's purpose is closely aligned with a chamber's mission and goals, and that makes it a social network worth your chamber's time. Come back next week for the first post on LinkedIn for Chambers!
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