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15 Chamber Blog Post Ideas

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Coming up with a brilliant blog post idea each week can be difficult. To make it easier, start thinking about your blog in terms of strategy.

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Just like your website, brochure, and monthly newsletter, your blog is an integral component of your chamber marketing plan. Which means every blog article you write must follow a strategy and support your chamber’s goals.

Though every chamber is different, all seem to strive toward four common goals: 

  • Membership growth and retention
  • Member networking enrichment
  • Local economic development
  • Economic legislation advocacy

In today’s post, I have provided 15 chamber blog post ideas that follow smart strategies to ultimately support your chamber goals. I have also included some great examples from real chamber blogs. Read on!


Strategy: Nurture your relationship with your members.

1 - Tell a member’s business story. Example: Charlotte Chamber’s Startup Stories.

2 - Interview a local business leader, and publish the interview in the form of a transcript. You could also post the video or audio recording along with a summary of the interview. Remember to ask questions that will generate valuable answers -  for example, “What challenges do you face in the aftermath of the recession, and how do you overcome them?”

3 - Share a weekly roundup of member news, particularly when a business participates in a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative or experiences, makes a notable hire, or experiences a significant increase in success. The Maryland Chamber of Commerce puts a unique spin on this by sharing valuable articles from members’ business blogs.

Strategy: Generate buzz about relevant events, including those hosted by your chamber.

4 - Promote an upcoming event. Include the date and time, location, a summary of activities to take place, a link to RSVP, and an email address to contact with questions. The Fort Wayne Chamber did a nice job of listing important event details.

5 - For weeklong events, write a review of Day 1 to encourage attendance on Days 2 – 5.

6 - Take a cue from sites like Living Social and give away discounted or free admission to an event. Award the first 5 commenters or the person who answers a trivia question correctly.

Strategy: Be an educational resource for business best practices.

7 - Share market data. Make it even more valuable by providing an analysis and asking your readers to share their own interpretation of the data. The Grapevine Chamber shared their July Economic Development Report.

8 - Invite staff and members to guest blog and share their expertise. The Columbus Chamber even got their president to write a post.

9 - Share the five most important takeaways from a presentation (for the people who missed the event). The day after an International Business Council breakfast, the Nashville Chamber shared key points. 

Strategy: Provide education and advocacy tools about legislation affecting business. 

10 - Draw attention to pending legislation that affects business, and provide readers with a way to take action – perhaps a form that allows readers to send a personalized email to local legislators.

11 - Post a transcript from an interview with a local legislator about policies affecting business.

12 - Report on legislative news that is relevant to your local business community. The Santa Fe Chamber used their blog to discuss legislature regarding minimum wage.

Strategy: Demonstrate why it’s great doing business in your city.

13 - Encourage members, chamber staff, and members of the board to guest blog about why they love working and living in your city. One Amherst Chamber board member spoke from the heart, claiming, “there’s something about Amherst.”

14 - Highlight local attractions that enhance the “corporate life,” such as a nice park in the middle of downtown, an exceptional catering company, or an annual festival that provides businesses with valuable sponsorship opportunities.

15 - Shine a spotlight on businesses that contribute to the betterment of the community. Highlight green initiatives, charitable contributions, and company volunteer days.


In order to fully leverage the power of your chamber blog, it’s important to make sure every blog post follows a strategy that ultimately supports a chamber goal. Please note that these five strategies aren’t mutually exclusive. Rather, all five strategies should be implemented to create a dynamic chamber blog that supports your chamber’s biggest goals - to nurture membership, aid local economic development, and advocate on behalf of business legislation.

Come back next week for the fourth post of my Blogging for Chambers series!


  • What are some of your great blog post ideas?
  • What is your solution to coming up with new ideas each week?

Please share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below.


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