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Reordered Page Titles

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When developing Freedom version 8.0, we took a careful look at how people really use our system, and built in usability enhancements to make their work easier. One thing we saw is that people like to have multiple tabs open in their browsers. To accommodate this, we added several features, like color-coded favorite icons and the ability to have different interfaces open at the same time.

We've now taken this a step farther: Recognizing that it can be difficult to identify tabs when you have many of them open at once, we reordered the page titles within Freedom so the module name comes first, followed by the site title. This way, even from a quick glance you can see what interface and what module you're viewing on each of your open tabs. It's just another small change that makes getting your work done in Freedom a little bit easier.

This new feature is available now in our version 8.1 development release, and will be available to all users with the release of version 8.2.


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