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4 Chamber Podcast Ideas

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Are you a visual learner, a kinesthetic learner, or – like me – an auditory learner?

I best absorb information by listening, so I frequently download podcasts to my iPod for entertainment during exercise or long car trips. This is how I prefer to catch up on the latest business news and trends.

You can tap into your audience of listeners like me by incorporating podcasts into your chamber’s content marketing strategy. Providing your members, and other target audiences, with downloadable podcasts will enable them to consume content no matter what they’re doing – flying across the country, jogging on the treadmill, or even lounging by the pool.



A podcast is an RSS of audio files (“episodes”) that users can subscribe to and download (or stream online) to their computer, iPod or mobile device.

People subscribed to a podcast can have episodes automatically downloaded to their computer. Or, they can pick and choose single episodes to download.

The term “podcast” was derived from the name “iPod,” but podcasts can actually be played on any type of MP3 player or computer.



Before you begin the process of recording your podcast, determine the frequency and subject matter of your episodes. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1) A message from the president

Once a month, quarter or year, encourage your chamber president to address the local business community and discuss the current economic status.

2) Issue of the week

Assume the role of a broadcast journalist and report on an issue that’s impacting your local business community. Talk to a citizen that has been affected by the issue.

3) CEO interviews

Invite your chamber members to star in your podcast. Ask them questions about their best business practices, public policy, or whatever topic suits their expertise.

4) Speeches, presentations and workshops

Bring an audio recorder to every speaking event your chamber hosts. This recorded knowledge can be repurposed into educational podcasts for members who were unable to attend.



The Holland Area Chamber of Commerce created a podcast series titled Preparing for the New Normal. The series, consisting of interviews with four local business owners, empowers listeners to succeed within the changing economy. The episodes are available for download on the Holland chamber website and on iTunes.

iTunes preview of Holland Chamber Podcast series  


  • Include a title, image, and description for each episode so users can easily browse.
  • A best practice for weekly podcasts is to keep episodes under one hour of run-time.
  • Upload your chamber podcast to the iTunes Store to improve search visibility and make downloading easy.
  • Also upload your podcast to your chamber website and other podcasting sites. 
  • Make your chamber podcast easy to find. Store episodes in your media room, but don’t let them get buried away. Include a podcast menu item in your navigation bar.
  • Promote each new podcast episode with a news article, a blog post, and posts to all of your chamber’s social networks.



  • What topics do you address in your chamber podcast? 
  • How frequently do you publish new episodes?
  • What is your biggest podcasting challenge?

I’d love to hear from you – leave a comment or send me an email!


This is the last post in my content series. For the past several weeks, we have discussed website writing tips, content ideas, the 10 media room must-haves – and we even explored the benefits of a chamber wiki. This has been a fun series to write, and I hope you have enjoyed reading! 

Join me next week for a new series on Search Engine Marketing!



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