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The 6 Qualities of a Great "About Us" Page

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Every website’s About Us page is like a handshake – it should be confident and friendly, and propose the beginning of a good relationship with whoever is on the receiving end.

Your chamber website’s About Us page can be used to begin building trusting relationships with potential members. Just remember to include the following six key components



1) Clarifies “us” 

For brevity’s sake, it is perfectly acceptable to use the pronoun “us” in the top-level menu. But the headline of your actual About Us page should always include your chamber’s name. For example, a headline like About the Austin Chamber of Commerce will provide more context for potential new members…and for search engines. 

2) States a mission

If you need a starting point for writing your About Us page, begin with your mission statement. Elaborate on how your chamber is carrying out this mission, whether it’s through business education programs, public service initiatives, or benefits provided to members.

3) Contains subpages

Your chamber’s history, awards and board members are also important and worthy of mention – but these items should be published in their own subpages. Set up a navigation bar with the top-level menu item named About Us and a dropdown list that includes the additional subpages. These subpages might be titled Leadership, Membership, Staff, History, FAQs, etc. Make an effort on these pages to show some personality and let prospective members know who you are and why your chamber is a good fit for them.

4) Envisions the future

Where is your chamber going? What is your vision for the future? Your About Us page should tell prospects how you will continue to thrive within the tough economy. While it’s true that people would like to know what you’ve done in the past, they are much more interested in what you can do – and how you can help them – in the future.

5) Sells the benefits

To write this paragraph, first interview your members and determine which membership benefits they consider the most important. I suggest including a testimony from a local businessperson. Place the testimony (with a picture of the individual) on the left or right rail of your About Us webpage.

6) Seals the deal

You’ve introduced your chamber, shared some history, issued a mission statement and promised your prospect a sunny future abundant with benefits. Now it’s time for your About Us page to seal the deal (in other words, turn a prospect into a member) with a call-to-action (CTA).

Keep your CTA simple, but bold. Provide a link (Interested in joining our chamber? Click here.) that navigates to a contact form. In exchange for their contact information, offer to send prospects a free downloadable brochure, a podcast, or even a “Local Secrets” list of favorite attractions. When a prospective member opts in, you are one step closer to earning a new member to your chamber’s family!



The Austin Chamber of Commerce gets it right. In addition to an SEO-friendly headline, the Austin About Us page includes a mission statement, provides additional information in subpages, and even states it’s intention to “prosper” far into the future. The page also features a testimony from a local CEO and three fantastic call-to-action options. 

The About Us page of the Austin Chamber of Commerce website.


One of the primary goals of your chamber website’s About Us page is to create a rapport with a potential new member. Just like a handshake, your About Us page should evoke confidence and a sense of familiarity. Use your About Us page to express your chamber’s personality, share your current initiatives, and above all, show exactly how you are guiding your members into the future. By doing this, and providing a CTA, you will increase the likelihood of inciting action and gaining new members.


Your Thoughts:

  • How do you feel about your current About Us page? Does it help achieve your current business goals?
  • Have you come across a really interesting or creative About Us page that you admire? 

Share your thoughts in a comment or send me an email!


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