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Training: Engagement and Retention

Thursday, May 24, 2012
Training is key to any to any software package.  The more someone knows how to use the software, the better their experience is going to be. We use video as our primary training method, and pay close attention to each video’s effectiveness.

Wistia is a video hosting service we use, in part because they provide excellent statistics. One of our favorite things about it are the heatmaps created for each person who views any of our videos. These heatmaps show us how much of a video people watched, and if there were any sections that they skipped or watched over again.  This information helps us identify which sections of the video need to be redone or scrapped altogether.

Another important statistic we pay attention to is engagement. In a recent blog post by Wistia, they explain that they’ve collected years of video statistic data and conclusively shown that shorter videos are more engaging than longer videos. We have found this to be true as well.

Our training videos with the best engagement are “Using Forms,” “The Link Wizard,” and “Editing Menus.” Each of these videos is under two minutes long and has an average engagement around 70%. 

These videos are three of our five “Getting Started” series videos for the Blue interface. We created these short videos to replace a 50 minute “Freedom Fundamentals” training video, which had over 1,200 views but an average engagement of 0%.

Recently, we took one of our most-watched training videos, The WYSIWYG Editor, whose current engagement is 2%, and reduced its length from 26 minutes to only 6 minutes.  This video has just been released, so we’re excited to compare the statistics after it gets some views. We hope that this new, shorter video will keep viewers engaged and lead to better retention of information.

Watch the new video, show it to your clients, and let us know what you think, either here or on our twitter account. As always, we love the feedback.


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