By Jeff Kline


7 Tips for Writing Web Content

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Your chamber might have the most stunningly beautiful website in the world – but if your content is sloppy, the credibility of your chamber will tank. Even small mistakes, such as typos or poor word choices, will scuff up your formerly polished image.

Consider this blog post a preventative measure against “scuffmarks” on your website. Read these 7 tips for writing web content, and remember them every time you sit down to write.

1) Write like a 14-year-old honor student.

Aim for a ninth grade reading level. This will allow you to communicate with a broad audience without insulting anyone’s intelligence.

2) Make lists.

Bulleted and numbered lists make content easier to scan. Extra points if you use bolded headings! Also, search engines tend to favor this type of formatting.

3) Use common language and terms.

Skip the flowery language and chamber jargon. Don’t assume your members and visitors will understand the meaning of phrases like “work force development.” Use familiar vocabulary for a quick and easy read. 

4) Limit the use of acronyms.

Within your chamber, LAC might stand for “Legislative Action Committee.” But in the minds of your hospital members, the same acronym means “long arm cast.” It’s best to keep industry acronyms to a minimum, and be sure to explain any confusing or unclear terms.

5) Keep it short and sweet.

Use short sentences and short paragraphs to account for short attention spans. Get to the point before your readers lose interest!

6) But not too short.

If you can’t produce at least 300 good words, you may need to reconsider whether that content deserves an entire page.

7) Find the right tone.

Write with a tone that reflects the personality of your chamber. This typically means being colloquial yet professional. Try this trick – think about how you would speak to a relative you don’t know very well. 


A well-written website is much more likely to capture and hold a reader’s attention. So the next time you sit down to write, as you flex your wrists and take a sip of coffee, think back to these seven tips for writing web content. Remember – a little scuff-prevention goes a long way.


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