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3 Essential Digital Marketing Tools for Chambers of Commerce

Friday, May 11, 2012

Last week, I discussed 4 important content development tools to look for when choosing a CMS. Now that you know the best CMS tools for publishing content, the next step is to identify the marketing tools that will help your chamber lead website visitors down the sales funnel.

Your website is the backbone of your chamber’s marketing strategy. We are living in an age when “Googling” has become a knee-jerk reaction and an organization’s website is the ultimate means of communicating with its audience. Maintaining a strong digital presence is vital to your chamber’s survival.


Choose a marketing-savvy CMS that will provide your chamber website with valuable communication tools – particularly, an email marketing service, options for social media integration and daily statistics


One of the most effective and inexpensive digital marketing strategies is email marketing. 

Be sure your CMS’s email marketing module is integrated with all of your other CMS modules, such as your forms, e-commerce, blog, newsletter, etc. 

This integration will enable you to:

  • Increase top line revenue
  • Contact perspective new members
  • Better serve your existing members

(More on this subject later, when I post my Email Marketing series. If you’d like this topic sooner rather than later, let me know!)


Whether they’ll admit it or not, just about everyone is on Facebook. And that makes social networking the perfect strategy for engaging your chamber website visitors.

Your CMS should include a social media module that integrates with all of your other CMS tools. For example, when you publish an event on your website, your social media module should automatically post the event link to your Facebook and Twitter profile pages. 


Marketing is useless if you can’t measure it. 

That’s why your CMS must include a statistics module. In addition to measuring your chamber website’s daily visits and page views, your statistics module should also allow you to analyze metrics of specific content, such as banner ad clickthrough rates, top blog posts and email open rates.


I hope you have enjoyed my series on “Choosing A CMS.” In the last several weeks, you have learned about taking control of your web content management, the importance of CMS upgradability, and valuable CMS content development tools for your chamber website. Today’s post about CMS marketing tools concludes this series.


Now that you have the expertise to select a CMS (and know how to use it!), it’s time to focus on the first step of your digital marketing plan – creating content for your chamber website. The Content Is King series starts next week! 

Speaking of next week, I'm going to mix up this blog a little bit over the next few posts, so tell me what you think. Instead of publishing on Friday afternoons, I will be updating Jeff Kline Online Thursday morning at 9am. What do you think?


  • What do you love or hate about your current CMS? 
  • What is your biggest challenge in creating engaging content? 

I respond to everyone who contacts me, so leave a comment or drop me an email!

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