By Jeff Kline


Web Content Management 101

Friday, April 20, 2012

When you watch TV, would you rather be the person holding the remote control, or the person begging to turn off Dancing with the Stars

I’m guessing you’d prefer to be the one in control.

You should also be in control when it comes to managing your chamber website content. Now that we’ve covered best practices in designing your website, it’s time to switch gears and begin discussing the process of filling your chamber website with content. 

The first step: determining the best way to manage your content – in a way that you are in control.

What is web content management?

Web content management is the process of publishing, editing and updating digital content to a website. A content management system (CMS) will allow your entire chamber staff to collaborate on filling your website with copy, images and video.

What is a CMS?

A content management system (sometimes called a web content management system, or WCMS) is software that stores your website’s content and enables easy editing for novice web administrators.

Web content management works best when it’s a team effort. A CMS allows multiple web administrators to log in to a single system and collaborate on editing content. And working within a CMS requires little to no knowledge of HTML or CSS coding – what you see in the editor is what you’ll see on your webpage. By using a CMS, any member of your chamber staff can become a content contributor to your website.

Why should I use a content management system?

You’ll notice all of the top-ranked websites on Google have one thing in common – their content is constantly updating and changing. To improve your chamber website’s search engine rankings, you must frequently publish fresh content.

But here’s the problem – updating content can be a lengthy process if your website is managed exclusively by a third-party developer. What if you can’t get in touch with your person of contact? And because web development companies often have multiple clients, you might end up at the bottom of a long To Do list. In this situation, you have very little control over your content management.

A CMS is the solution. You can still hire a web developer to build your chamber website, but be sure they incorporate a CMS into your website and provide you with login access. This will put you in control of your content management, giving you the freedom to create a content strategy, develop an editorial calendar and actually stick to your schedule.

Accrisoft Freedom for chambers

Twelve years ago I founded a company named Accrisoft Corporation, where I had the privilege of working with a group of brilliant software developers to create a CMS called Accrisoft Freedom

Because Accrisoft Freedom makes it so easy to create dynamic, database-driven websites, it is (in, of course, my biased opinion!) the perfect CMS for a chamber website of any size. In the next few posts, we will continue to explore Freedom and other content management systems in more detail. Until then, this video will give you a quick introduction to the Accrisoft Freedom CMS.

  Accrisoft for Chambers


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